Allsite Structures is the leader in all-weather tensioned fabric structure buildings.

We are not just a tent rental company but a provider of high quality engineered tension fabric structure buildings with a large clear span space that can be constructed in any environment.


Cover job site where soil, water, mold, asbestos, etc. is being remediated. Keeps containments, dust, noise, odors and other pollutants contained. The large interior space and door options make maneuvering equipment inside the structure safe and easy.


Cover job sites where weather might slow or stop a project. Work through snow, rain and wind without weather delays by enclosing your project site. Large interior space allows for heavy equipment and large build outs to take place safely and easily.


Interior height great for any sport where a ball is at play and makes space feel larger and more wide open. Structures are preferred to traditional buildings giving people a unique environment to exhibit at tradeshows and conventions.


The TFS is the ideal structure whether a repair, wash and maintenance facility is needed in remote areas like a mining camp or in the city center like a car dealership. Accessory options allow easy access in and out of the structure.


The TFS is an ideal structure for energy and mining industries. Allsite has a range of structure sizes from 50’ to 156’ width that will work with any site. With peak heights up to 54’ the TFS has abundant vertical space.


The TFS is the ideal structure for aviation hangars. The large interior height allows tail clearance and the sides of the building have plenty of room for the height of the wings utilizing the full sq. ft. of the structure.

TFS means Structural Integrity & Structural Longevity

Our structures are one of the only fabric structures engineered to withstand high wind load and shed snow.  TFS is built to withstand ground movement and provides a secure enclosure for corrosive environments.

Tensioned Fabric Structures

The profile of our extruded aluminum frame is much larger and stronger than many other frame types, yet very lightweight. Our high grade aluminum alloy boxed beam frame does not degrade or rust like steel and is very durable.

The heavyweight PVC fabric is tensioned horizontally and vertically, giving the fabric superior rigidity and allowing the fabric to seal the frame. One key strength Allsite maintains over competitors is the tensioned fabric will not flap in the wind or be affected by severe weather.

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