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Allsite Structure Rentals

Tension fabric structures for short and long term demands in any climate and any location

All Weather Tension Fabric Structures

Why Choose Allsite?

Allsite Structures Rentals stands as the forefront leader in relocatable, all-weather fabric structures. We are not just a tent rental company; we are a global provider of rugged, clear-span, fully engineered tensioned fabric structures. Our TFS solutions offer a quick and economical alternative to any enclosure need, be it temporary or permanent. With immediate availability from stock in regional depots and versatile shipping options, Allsite ensures prompt delivery and installation of your structure within days, catering to any climate on Earth.

Check out our specialty Applications or take a look at Everything Else to see how Allsite can solve your need for enclosed space.

Why Opt for Rental Solutions?

Allsite Structure Rentals is a unique company dedicated solely to the rental of large-span tensioned fabric structures. What sets us apart is our applications-based inventory and accessories. Our fabric buildings not only meet immediate needs but these structures can also be equipped with various specialty accessories, providing cost-effective solutions to unique enclosure problems.

If your requirement is not permanent, Allsite has the answer, available for rent for as little as a month, anywhere, any size, any time.

Applications for Tension Fabric Structures

tractor excavating soil within a tension fabric enclosure

Construction Site Enclosures

Get your site out of the weather. Get ahead or back on schedule

Whether you’re looking to keep the weather out or the odors in, the airtight TFS site enclosure system is the most rugged and versatile product on the market.

Construction Enclosures
Embrear Air aircraft storage hangar interior with large aircraft inside high clearance aluminum framed fabric structure

Aircraft Hangars

Years of Experience in Tension Fabric Building Solutions

For an immediate hangar requirement, only Allsite offers an off the shelf relocatable hangar from inventory that can be delivered and installed everywhere planes fly.

Aircraft Hangars

Warehouse & Maintenance Shops

Years of Experience in Tension Fabric Building Solutions

Immediately available from inventory, Allsite TFS structures offer a quick, economical solution for temporary storage, remote maintenance facilities or disaster relief buildings.

Warehousing & Maintenance
Interior of a tension fabric builing tennis center high ceiling and bright lit tennis courts players at play

Sports Facilities

Years of Experience in Tension Fabric Building Solutions

Allsite’s TFS is an ideal alternative to conventional buildings for semi-permanent and permanent indoor sporting facilities. The only truly indoor/outdoor recreational structure.

Sports Facilities

Everything Else

Years of Experience in Tension Fabric Building Solutions

While Allsite delivers specific industries customized solutions, the TFS can be used for any enclosure need, in any climate. Check out some examples and challenge us to solve your shelter need.

Other Applications

Client Testimonials

"The Allsite team collaborates with you at every step from permitting requirements to the construction of the structures. The team is professional and knowledgeable. They know their stuff and are easy to work with. Their customer service and communication are top-notch"

RPlanet EarthBoonie LV, EH&S Manager

"The Allsite Team has provided everything we needed: a whole team to lift everything, all the supplies, they gave us the date and the time and they stuck to the schedule that they gave us, and so, overall I think it was a great experience and we got a great product"

High Valley TransitRhett Siddoway, Field Manager

About Tension Fabric Structures

A Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) surpasses the definition of a mere tent. Crafted from an engineered, custom-extruded aluminum alloy frame and high-grade architectural fabric, the TFS stands apart as an all-weather fabric structure, offering durability and versatility unparalleled by other fabric structures.

illustration of tension fabric structure design construction by crane.
Flat aluminium frame end design maximizes useable space
Multiple door and ventilation accessories from stock and we can usually integrate any requested building accessory into the TFS structure
Engineered extruded aluminum framework lowers shipping costs and provides quick and easy installation with no corrosion. Curved eave profile and 25 degree pitch provides snow shed for use in any extreme environment
Multiple anchoring solutions including stakes, ballasts, wheels and concrete anchors (ballast example showing)
Architectural membrane provided in individual panels vertically and horizontally hydraulically tensioned for clean taught exterior finish
TFS structures are 100% relocatable and their flexibility allows structures to be moved in many ways to reduce relocation costs including crane lift, track and wheel assemblies, skid mounted and full dismantle and reassembly

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