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Fabric Aircraft Hangars Offer Cost Control Benefits

Instead of a traditional permanent hangar, many pilots and aviation professionals today are choosing a fabric aircraft hangar because of the advantages that these structures can provide. Whether the goal is storage for planes or helicopters or you need a hangar that is climate controlled and ventilated so aircraft maintenance or repairs can be made – a fabric structure can do the trick while being cost-effective.

Fabric Aircraft Hangar

Great Quality Combined with Cost Control

A fabric aircraft hangar has cost control advantages over traditional hangars while still providing exceptional quality and protection. A rugged aluminum structure frame, and a polyester fabric that is PVC coated and flame retardant, helps to control costs without sacrificing any quality or safety features in the process.

Incredible Design Flexibility that can adapt as Your Needs Change

Another advantage that you can expect with a fabric aircraft hangar is design flexibility that adapts to your changing needs. If you need more room the hangar can be expanded, a change of location is no problem because fabric hangars can be relocated in a single piece or disassembled and moved in containers instead.

You can Purchase, Lease, or Rent a Fabric Aircraft Hangar

A fabric aircraft hangar is a possibility even if your hangar budget is smaller or you just need a temporary structure for a little while. These hangars can be purchased outright, leased, and even rented by the day, week, month, or longer. That means budget considerations can be met while still getting the hangar space and protection that you require.

Temporary or Permanent Installation

Installing a fabric aircraft hangar can be performed on a temporary basis or you can use the structure permanently instead. Your aviation needs and individual preferences will help determine whether you need a temporary hangar for a short period of time or if you need something more permanent.

Ability to withstand High Winds and Snow Load

Fabric Hangar Snow

A quality fabric aircraft hangar from a reputable company in the industry will have the ability to withstand high winds and shed snow without any danger of collapse. These hangars can be placed in almost any climate and weather conditions without any safety concerns. The fabric and structure components of fabric hangars can typically stand up to high winds and snow load.

Quick Structure Completion

Unlike a traditional hangar, a fabric aircraft hangar can usually be completed within days, rather than weeks or even months. Turnkey assembly and installation can make the entire process a breeze. When you need aviation hangar space you don’t have to wait long before you can store and maintain your aircraft. With a traditional hangar, this is not the case.

Climate and Environmental Control Options

A fabric hangar for aircraft and aviation needs can be placed almost anywhere in the world, and in almost any weather conditions, when climate and environmental controls are used in these structures. Aircraft and aviation equipment may require very close environmental and climate conditions to prevent damage or malfunctions and a fabric model can provide this.

It is recommended that all frost, snow, and ice be removed before attempting flight. It is best to place the aircraft in a heated hangar.

A Wide Range of Options from Which to Choose

With a fabric aircraft hangar, there are a wide variety of door and opening options that can be chosen. These include clamshell aviation, bi-fold aviation, and even personnel doors. Ventilation options include HVAC, exhaust fan, framed opening, and louvered ventilation. Skylight fabric, translucent fabric, and metal halide lighting are some of the lighting choices available with these hangars.

Safety is Crucial with any Aviation Hangar

Regardless of the materials used, safety is crucial with any aviation hangar. It is important to choose a reputable company to ensure that safety is not compromised in order to cut corners or lower costs. A fabric hangar model can be just as safe as a traditional hangar structure when it is well planned and properly constructed and installed.

Various Anchorage, Weatherproofing, and Relocation Choices

A fabric aircraft hangar can be anchored with a concrete ballast, slate, or concrete anchor system, depending on the circumstances and installation location. This provides great stability and anchors the structure in place. Fabric hangars can be weatherproofed if this is preferred, and some basic choices include insulation, liner, and beam flap weatherproofing.

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