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Allsite’s Tension Fabric Structures use PVC, or polyvinyl chloride coated polyester panels along with our engineered aluminum frame, creating a durable, low maintenance structure that offers the versatility our clients need for applicants in a wide range of environments, from airport tarmacs and school ball fields to remote mining and environmental remediation sites. PVC is a popular material for its strength and durability, as well as being waterproof and weather resistant in virtually any climate. But it also has a number of other important properties that make it our choice for the walls that cover our TFS structures.

Fast Installation

Fabric buildings provide fast solutions to temporary or permanent building needs. Designed as a modular system, PVC fabric panels are shipped based on the size and configuration of the structure. They are quick and easy to install, tensioned tightly and secured one by one over Allsite’s unique modular extruded aluminum alloy frame. The structures don’t require a foundation which shortens the installation timeline. Once delivered to the site, installation is usually a matter of days, leaving a completed fabric structure ready to be put to use.

Low Maintenance

Allsite’s sturdy industrial strength PVC fabric requires little maintenance as the thick fabric is damage resistant and treated to resist most contaminants. The highly engineered design keeps water out and easily handles wind, sun and dust. The aerodynamic design also allows for snow shed, keeping the roof of the structure clear, even in heavy snowfall. Depending on the use and location, infrequent maintenance is the norm.

tension fabric construction warehouse

High Strength Building

The strength of the Allsite TFS is a product of the highly engineered aluminum frame, further reinforced by the taut surface of the PVC cover which results in a highly stable structure. This strength means the structure resists high winds, heavy rain, snow and ice, as well as earthquakes. It can also be safely anchored, selecting from a number of methods, on wet, soft, frozen, or rocky ground as well as turf or pavement. The TFS meets local building code requirements so permits can be obtained as needed.

Long Lifespan

Allsite’s PVC fabric cover has a long lifespan of 20-30 years. Panels can be easily switched out at any time if required. The high-strength aluminum frame itself has an indefinite lifespan. The metal is non-corrosive, will not rust. The structure has a long service life and for weather resistance and use purposes, generally meets the same standards as a brick and mortar building. When no longer needed, the aluminum is fully recyclable.

Corrosion Free

Polyvinyl Chloride fabric resists corrosion, as does aluminum which makes up the frame, so unlike a steel building, the Allsite tension fabric structure will not rust or corrode, no matter how wet or contaminated the environment. This makes the TFS a good choice for projects in wet or contaminated locations, and in extreme climate conditions.

UV Resistant

The thick PVC cover used by Allsite structures is UV resistant so the hot sun does not damage or destroy the fabric. In addition, the Allsite building reflects over 80% of solar radiation, helping to keep the interior of the building cooler. The structures are HVAC friendly making it easy to create a comfortable interior for any purpose, including public events, homeless shelters, or for workers carrying out maintenance or other operations.

tension fabric structure aircraft hangar

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is enhanced with the Allsite TFS because the white fabric reflects solar heat on the outside, and the bright white interior helps to reduce the need for extra lighting inside. The building interior is amenable to HVAC so that it can be heated or cooled for the comfort of the people inside.

Fire Resistant

Because of the chemical structure of PVC, which contains chlorine, Allsite fabric panels are inherently fire retardant and will self-extinguish, making the building fire-resistant. The fabric is also resistant to most chemical spills, making it a good choice for aviation, industrial and remediation applications.


During the manufacturing process, PVC fabric is treated to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it safe for use in any environment, such as on wet or contaminated ground including environmental remediation project sites, as greenhouses or animal enclosures, etc.

Adaptable as Needs Change

Marking its flexibility in changing situations, the structure can be easily resized as needs change. Because it is lightweight and modular, it is also easy to relocate on the same site by crane lift, or can be dismantled and moved to a different site via flatbed truck.

Flexible for a Wide Range of Applications

tension fabric structure used as an event building

As a modular structure, the Allsite TFS is available in a range of widths and custom lengths in increments of 5 meters, the width of each fabric panel. With its open interior, free of posts or other impediments, there is ample room for whatever activity will take place. Whether it’s a tennis match, meeting site, maintenance or storage facility, or to accommodate heavy equipment or aircraft, the TFS meets a wide range of temporary or permanent building needs.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures

Allsite Structure Rentals is a leader in high-quality tension fabric structures, serving the North American market in diverse industries including aviation, construction, environmental cleanup, mining, sports, conventions, entertainment, and more. Contact us today for more information.

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