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In the fast-paced realm of aviation, adaptability and efficiency have become paramount. Relocatable aviation hangars are ushering in a new era of practicality, offering unmatched advantages in terms of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we explore these benefits and shed light on why Allsite Structure Rentals’ hangars emerge as the premier choice. 

Advantages of Relocatable Aviation Hangars: 

  • Tailored for All Locations and Conditions: 

Gone are the constraints of fixed hangars limited by location and conditions. Relocatable aviation hangars are designed to transcend geographical boundaries and adapt to diverse environments. With a clear span width of up to 156′ and a peak height of up to 54′, these hangars seamlessly fit into any setting. The engineered extruded aluminum framework ensures structural integrity while minimizing weight, and a variety of door options, including operational hangar doors, are available to suit your unique needs. 

  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness Combined: 

Time is money, and relocatable aviation hangars understand this implicitly. The rapid setup and tear-down processes optimize operational efficiency, translating into direct cost savings. But the benefits extend beyond that – the modular design minimizes site preparation, reducing both labor and construction expenses. Whether your need is short-term or long-term, these hangars offer an economically viable solution that aligns with the financial goals of aviation operators. 

  • A Solution for Every Demand: 

Operational demands in aviation can be dynamic, ranging from seasonal variations to unexpected surges. Relocatable aviation hangars are the answer to these fluctuating requirements. With the ability to swiftly adapt to changing demands, these hangars provide a solution that’s as versatile as it is efficient. Whether it’s a short-term deployment or a long-term arrangement, the agility of these hangars ensures that your infrastructure always matches your operational tempo. 

Allsite Real-World Success Stories:


  • Embraer Air, Nashville: 

Embraer Air faced an urgent need for additional maintenance facilities in support of Nashville MRO operations. Allsite Structure Rentals stepped in, providing a hangar capable of accommodating two Embraer 190 aircraft with two operational hangar doors. Originally rented for a projected three-year term, the hangar remained in use for over six years. This case underscores how Allsite’s aircraft hangars are ideal solutions for MRO operations requiring quick and effective solutions. 

  • Northwest Airlines, Las Vegas: 

In 2006, Northwest Airlines Flight 320 experienced an incident where it skidded off the runway at Las Vegas International Airport, resulting in engine damage. Allsite was the only provider capable of offering the clear span width required to accommodate the DC10. Within just ten days, the aircraft was safely positioned under the canopy. Rented for a mere 60 days, this temporary hangar minimized downtime, enabling the aircraft to resume operations quickly. Utilizing Allsite’s proprietary ballast system, this temporary hangar was erected without interfering with runway operations. 

  • Virgin Australia, Perth: 

With business growth in 2013, Virgin Australia urgently needed additional hangar space in Perth. Despite long-term infrastructure plans being in development, no immediate options were available. Allsite Structure Rentals offered the sole rentable solution, allowing Virgin to enter into a five-year lease to meet their immediate needs. The success of this hangar solution for Virgin has now transitioned into a long-term arrangement, exemplifying the flexibility and adaptability of Allsite’s offerings. 

In an ever-evolving aviation landscape, the case for relocatable aviation hangars is unequivocal. From their adaptability to diverse locations and conditions to their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, these hangars embody a forward-looking approach to aviation infrastructure. And amid these choices, Allsite Structure Rentals remains a beacon of excellence, offering relocatable hangars that epitomize innovation, dependability, and operational excellence. 

Ready to redefine your aviation infrastructure?  Contact Allsite today to explore how relocatable aviation hangars can elevate your operations. 

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