Agriculture and Cannabis Buildings

Temporary and Permanent Farm Buildings for Agricultural Use

Durable, aluminum-framed Tension Fabric Structures provide long or short-term solutions for large scale cannabis cultivation and tother agricultural uses. Our structures are a perfect anytime, anywhere solution for your farm building needs, such as:

  • a greenhouse for raising young plants or crops that require a climate-controlled environment
  • a storage facility or warehouse for supplies and stores, such as fertilizer or hay
  • a barn or garage to store and maintain vehicles and equipment

Allsite’s fabric structures are versatile and possess most of the features of a traditional farm building without the added cost of traditional building construction. Modular and built to last, these structures are available in a range of sizes to fit your needs. They can be quickly delivered and installed to provide a fast and easy farm building solution.

Allsite structures provide all weather shelter for year round use. Protect crops, livestock and equipment. Control odors and reduce spillage and losses due to wind or precipitation with enclosed storage space in the size and configuration you need.

Whether you have a temporary seasonal need for extra space, or are looking for permanent expansion of your farm facilities, these structures provide immediate extra space and are durable enough to provide years of service with little maintenance or repair needed. Structures can be moved or reconfigured if your needs change, helping you adapt quickly and affordably to changing conditions and markets.

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Affordable and Reliable Agricultural Building Solutions

open sided tension fabric structure in agriculture or construction use

Some features of these sturdy, specially engineered aluminum-framed structures:

  • Made with weatherproof, UV resistant fabric and engineered corrosion and rust-free extruded aluminum framing for durability and reliability
  • Engineered to withstand almost any weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, hail and rainstorms, as well as high winds up to 90 miles per hour
  • HVAC, air filtration, reverse air flow all easy to install to reduce odors, humidity and heat
  • Install anywhere, including wet or uneven ground; no building foundation required
  • Temporary or permanent use
  • Relocatable, quick installation and removal
  • Low-cost and affordable - buy, lease or rent
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available
  • Choice of options for ventilation and lighting, entry doors or openings, and anchoring solutions based on ground conditions at the site

Weather-Proof Farm Buildings Built to Handle Tough Conditions

These all-weather farm buildings can be used all year, repelling the UV rays and hot suns of summer. The treated fabric will resist mold, mildew and chemical corrosion. Built for all climates, tension fabric buildings shed extreme snowfall and heavy rains, and will resist high winds. With their sturdy and sustainable construction, heat, cold, ice or mud, these buildings handle anything you throw at them to keep operations running no matter what.

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