Temporary Aircraft Hangars

Temporary Fabric Aircraft Hangars from Allsite

Protecting your aircraft investments with a temporary aircraft hangar is a smart business decision. Whether you need enclosed maintenance and storage space, a relocatable hangar, or a semi-permanent hangar, a Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS) can provide you with a fully covered, cost-effective solution to your aviation shelter needs.

Allsite’s innovative portable airplane hangars make protecting valuable aircraft and cargo a stress-free undertaking regardless of weather conditions. These durable and long-lasting fabric structures provide an abundance of benefits.

Clamshell Doors

Multiple available options include aircraft-friendly clamshell doors for easy access and for shutting out the elements during inclement weather.  Add cargo and personnel doors, or a number of lighting, ventilation, climatization and other options.

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Benefits and Options of Tensioned Fabric Temporary Hangars

Hangars must accommodate the space requirements for large aircrafts' wingspan, height, and length. Allsite clear span hangars range in height up to 54’. If you require more, we will work with you to create a custom and cost-effective solution.

For sheltering aircraft with a large wingspan, our 50’ to 156’ temporary hangar width will provide coverage for most any type of airplane. Entrance and egress is made easy with our bi-fold and clamshell aviation door options.

Aluminum Frame: Stronger than Steel

Allsite’s fabric aircraft hangars are built to last with high-grade T6061 aluminum frames. These durable frames have a better strength-to-rate ratio than steel. Moreover, unlike steel, you do not have to worry about corrosion or rust.

These long-lasting and sturdy aluminum frames can support heaters, fire suppression systems, fall arrest systems, PA systems, and other equipment.

aviation fabric hangars

No Building Foundation Required

If you are concerned that your temporary hangar site is not level and no foundation exists, there is no need to worry. In most cases Allsite relocatable temporary fabric structures do not require a separate foundation. The lightweight design allows us to place the shelter over existing blacktop, concrete, grass, or other surfaces.

Our concrete ballasts provide stability and strength. Allsite TFS structures can even be installed on uneven ground if necessary.

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Strong and Durable PVC Coated Tensioned Fabric

Our temporary hangars are made sturdy with PVC-coated polyester. The 29oz fabric is tensioned both vertically and horizontally to provide the best fit and seal along the frame. Some other manufacturers use fabric as light as 18 oz., which can wear faster and require more frequent replacement. This is an added worry and cost that can be avoided with an Allsite temporary hangar.

In addition, for fire safety concerns, the fabric is compliant of the State of California fire resistant standards.

Temporary Hangar Lighting and Accessories

It is an absolute must to have well-lit areas where aircraft will be maintained and repaired. Natural lighting can be utilized via our UV-filtering translucent polyester and to let in even more light we have skylight fabric options.

For additional lighting requirements, our temporary hangars are strong enough to support metal halide lighting.

Ventilation is important for any aircraft hangar. Allsite’s ventilation accessories include:

  • Louver systems
  • Framed openings
  • Exhaust fans
  • HVAC systems

Extreme temperatures and inclement weather are not a concern with our fabric hangars. Allsite’s tensioned fabric can withstand temperatures from -22* to 160* F. The unique design of our clear span structures sheds snow and stands up under heavy winds.

Concrete berm, beam flaps, and insulation and/or liner options are available for further weatherproofing.

Relocatable and Multi-Functional Temporary Hangars

Even though our fabric aircraft hangars are strong enough for permanent use, they can be easily moved on-site via crane or with available wheels to accommodate any necessary location changes.

If multi-function is what you need, the modular construction of our TFS aircraft hangars allows for offices, storage rooms, and even full-service showers and restrooms. Personnel doors are an option that makes it convenient for workers to come and go.

Jetstar Aircraft Hangar

Put the Allsite Structure Rental’s Team on your Side

The lead technicians at Allsite average 15+ years of experience and can help find practical solutions to most any unusual situation. Our typical set-up times are one working day for each 10,000 square feet.

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