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Airplanes are an amazing invention. With airplanes, people can get across the county in just a matter of hours, rather than the several days it would take if you were driving a car. Airplanes have changed the way that people can travel. Thanks to them, we can maintain relationships with friends or family living in other states.

Airplanes are not cheap, however. There are many different things that affect the cost of an aircraft. Depending on its size, an airplane can range from hundreds of thousands to over a billion dollars. Even more money is involved when you have to maintain the aircraft and fill it with fuel.

What Does This Have to Do with Tent Manufacturing?

When you have invested a lot of money into airplanes, it’s important that you store them in a safe place. A storage facility for aircraft is called a hangar. In the image below from Wikipedia, you can see that aircraft and helicopter hangars are used for “protection from adverse weather conditions, direct sunlight, maintenance, repair, manufacture, assembly, and storage.”

Wikipedia on hangars and aircraft storage

Our temporary fabric structures can fulfill these purposes and more, saving you money. Allsite Structure Rentals—your Las Vegas construction tent company–can provide aluminum-framed structures you can comfortably store airplanes in. We can set up your aircraft hangar tent and take it down once it is no longer needed. If you need a temporary structure for your aircraft, then contact Allsite Structure Rentals today.

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