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When you own an airplane, you have the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. Of course, those benefits of ownership come at a cost, and often a pricey one. Airplane hangars are typically a large aviation expense, but with temporary fabric hangars, costs can be brought down significantly.

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Whether your aircraft is small or large, an airplane or helicopter hangar can help protect your investments from heat, cold, wind, snow, ice, potential theft, and vandalism. At the same time, hangars help to reduce costs in the long run, as less maintenance is be needed for an sheltered aircraft compared to one that is kept outside.

In addition, not having to clean off dirt, snow, and ice off a plane is a major convenience for any pilot.

Customized Airplane Hangars

Allsite’s tension fabric structures (TFS) are ideal for temporary or permanent airplane hangar needs. We offer a clear span design with widths of up to 156’ and a peak height up to 54’. No matter the size of your aircraft, small or large, we can design an airplane hangar that will suit your needs.

The TFS aluminum frame is able to meet high wind load and snow requirements, so it will last in colder, harsher climates. The frame can also support the weight of fire suppression and fall arrest systems, so your airplane will be protected from most fire damage as well.

A TFS being used as an aircraft hangar building

In addition, if you ever decide to move your aircraft, the hangar can easily be relocated at a cost significantly lower than building or renting a new one.

A Cost Effective Solution for Protection From the Elements

An airplane that is not protected from weather conditions will age much faster and not operate as efficiently. Our durable hangars are designed to withstand heat, cold, snow, ice, and wind, so your aircraft will remain in excellent condition.

Our hangars are built with sturdy PVC-coated polyester, with the fabric tensioned both horizontally and vertically for the best fit along the frame.

If stored inside, the airplane’s finish will remain in much better condition and need fewer touch-ups with paint. As an added benefit, the airplane will be protected from dirt, dust, and insects, which reduces maintenance costs.

Allsite’s airplane hangars are also available with heating systems to help keep your airplane in optimal condition. In colder climates, keeping an aircraft in a hangar will make flight preparation a lot easier in the winter by keeping the engine and oil in better condition. To further protect your aircraft, we offer weatherproofing options of concrete berm, beam flap, and insulation or liner.

Protection from Theft and Vandalism

Unfortunately, airplanes and helicopters are not immune to theft or vandalism. Theft of aircraft and equipment continues to increase as the market for these stolen goods expands. Incidents of theft, ranging from propellers to airplane fuel, have been reported throughout the United States.

Securing your aircraft is vital. An airplane hangar will also reduce the chances of theft of the radio, parts, equipment, or other valuables.

In order to help protect your aircraft, we offer a variety of doors, including clamshell aviation doors, bi-fold aviation doors, and personnel doors to keep your valuables safe.

Cost Reduction

One of the most important benefits of an airplane hangar is that it will lower the overall cost of maintaining your aircraft. Storing your aircraft lowers the cost of flying significantly in several ways. Exposure to the sun, wind, snow, and hail can cause costly repairs. An airplane hangar will help reduce wear and tear on the paint and upholstery caused by exposure to damaging UV rays.

As an added bonus, the insurance rate on your aircraft might decrease. If you cannot afford a hangar by yourself, you could possibly share one with other pilots or rent out storage space in yours. Partial or full, ownership of an airplane hangar made by Allsite is more economical than renting or owning a traditional hangar.

Airplane hangars are a necessity to protect and properly maintain your aircraft. Allsite’s experts can help guide you to one that is perfect for your needs and budget, and we can have it ready to go in a matter of weeks. For more information, click here or give us a call at 888.599.5112.

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