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Helicopter interior landing in Las Vegas


The National Business Aviation Association lands in Las Vegas October 22-24 for the 2019 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exposition, NBAA-BACE. Allsite Structure Rental’s team based here in Las Vegas is eager to check out some of the new aviation products and equipment, and to meet with some of our aviation industry customers who have adopted our tension fabric aircraft hangars to provide shelter, maintenance or other operations facilities for their business aircraft – whether jet, airplane or helicopter – at airports around North America.

Aviation Industry Events and Aircraft on Exposition

This major annual event attracts aviation industry professionals from around the world and is packed with education opportunities, vendor displays, networking and other convention activities that deliver rich opportunities to enrich career knowledge, inspire new thinking and advance business relationships and opportunities.

Along with education sessions, networking events and hundreds of new products, services and ideas on display, the NBAA’s convention brings along with it an impressive display of new aircraft. Some will be on the convention floor, while the majority and the biggest aircraft will be available for attendees to visit at the Henderson Executive Airport just outside Las Vegas. It’s a great chance for everyone in the industry (over 23,000 attendees) to get right up close to some of the most impressive new aircraft in the air today or that will be available in the future.

“Jetman” Yves Ross to Speak at NBAA-BACE

Along with Magic Johnson, we noted one of the more colorful keynote speakers this year will be “Jetman” Yves Rossy, a former Swiss Air Force pilot and in 2006, the first man to fly with a jetpack. Rossy thrills with his one-man carbon-fiber jet pack flights over places like the Grand Canyon and the Swiss Alps. He is also a serious advocate for innovation in the future of flight

Allsite Offers Tension Fabric Aircraft Hangars to the Business Aviation Industry

Allsite Fabric Aircraft Hangar interior with jet aircraft and work crews inside

While our light and airy tension fabric buildings can’t fly, their clear span, high clearance interiors are perfectly suited for aircraft storage. They are used to house aircraft from the size of helicopters and classic Piper airplanes to jets and commercial airliners. Modular for fast installation, the structures can be expanded to any length in widths up to 48m/157ft. They are available open end or with clamshell doors and can be installed virtually anywhere they are needed for temporary or permanent use. Tension fabric hangars are a great option for business aircraft, small aviation operators and airlines seeking fast solutions to cramped space and crowded hangars, and many other situations such as at remote, rural airports or airstrips where there is no hangar space.

For more information on Allsite tension fabric aviation hangars, contact us today at 888-599-5112. We hope to see you at NBAA-BACE.

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