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Allsite Structures Provides Cover at the Annual Las Vegas Technology Extravaganza

CES registration tent - an Allsite tension fabric structure freestanding temporary building on parking lot at Las Vegas Convention Center

Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone in Las Vegas as CES 2018 wrapped up last week. It was a week of yin and yang as attendees experienced the marvels of modern technology, from autonomous robots and self-driving cars, to aids for health and beauty, offset by some more basic concerns, including the area’s first rainstorm in months and a very brief, old-fashioned power outage. Overall, the short-lived crazy weather did not dampen enthusiasm for the show, which once again delighted and excited thousands of happy attendees.

A Soft Spot in the World of Robotics

Among a gaggle of robots who did everything from play ping-pong to the amazing Sophia, an artificial intelligence humanoid robot, the one that clearly stole the show was a new version of Sony’s Aibo, the Robot Dog. The tiny companion offers 120 minutes of affection and interaction between charges. With over 4,000 sensors and a nose-camera to recognize its family members, the little robot has already been adopted by many families in Japan and will soon debut in America.

Allsite on Site for Annual Tech Fest

Like last year, Allsite provided its Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) for CES registration and check-in where attendees were processed into the show and onto the busy Las Vegas Convention Center floor. And, in a second installation, Gibson Electronics once again hosted music fans in an Allsite fabric building just right for its displays, demos and performances throughout the week. Heavy rains on Tuesday that resulted in a slight setback in some areas were no match for these sturdy, all-weather structures that easily kept people and equipment inside high and dry and partying on.

Gibson Showcases Impressive Guitar Line

Gibson Guitar tent at CES 2018 with a crowd of visitors at the tension fabric building entrance

As the sun came out at the Gibson pavilion, musicians and fans were treated to the Gibson gallery of guitars, including a tease of a new model of the distinctive Flying V guitar along with an impressive array of classic instruments. The latest guitar models included the advanced Roboguitar with computer-assisted tuning. And, like past years, the spacious and freestanding Allsite TFS provided a great venue for live evening after-hours performances.

Allsite Fabric Buildings for Conventions and Entertainment Events

Interior view of aluminum frame tension fabric structure
Fast and affordable, Allsite TFS provides the perfect temporary space for your convention or event venue. These stable, aluminum-framed structures are versatile and comfortable in any weather. Customizable features include entryways, lighting, climatization and ventilation. Easily accommodates staging and seating as well as overhead trusses for mounting of sound and speaker equipment or signage. These structures need no foundation, and are easily transported to any location and quickly installed. Give Allsite Structure Rentals a call for more information.



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