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Business jet flying over grand canyon on its way to Las Vegas

National Business Aviation Association Convention Takes Place October 10-12 in Las Vegas

The sixth largest convention in the country is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Henderson Executive Airport as 27,000 aviation industry professionals fly into town for the NBAA-BACE Convention and Exhibition that takes place October 10-12, 2017. With something for everyone, attendees from industry, government, education and basically anything aviation-related will enjoy a range of events including taking in over 1,100 exhibits, attending educational sessions, participating in industry committee meetings, and getting safety updates from the FAA and NTSB at related safety events during and before the conference.

The largest gathering of business aviation professionals in the world, the NBAA-BACE (National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) welcomes attendees from 96 different countries and all 50 states. It’s a great opportunity to network with other professionals, get up to date on industry developments and trends, and see all the latest industry products and services. While events and exhibits will be primarily held at the Convention Center, a static display of aircraft will be available all three days at the Henderson Executive Airport, including the newest models available from companies like Bombardier, Gulfstream and other business aircraft manufacturers.

Learn about Allsite’s Aviation Hangar Solutions at the Convention

Jetstar aircraft housed in Allsite febric airplane hangar

For its second year, Allsite Structure Rentals is proud to be an exhibitor at this key aviation industry conference. As an aircraft hangar provider to a growing number of aircraft owners, airports, MROs and others in the aviation industry, Allsite offers an affordable aviation hangar solution that provides safe and secure space for storage and maintenance of aircraft, regardless of size. Our Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) is built to last, withstanding winds and weather as well as rust and corrosion. For temporary or permanent use, get extra hangar or work space installed quickly and affordably. The TFS is relocatable, perfect for firms that need to move or adjust capacity. For short or long-term use, the TFS is a reliable hangar solution to the business aviation industry.

Stop by the Allsite Booth at the Convention Center

Whether you are looking for building solutions for your aviation-based business, or just visiting the Exhibit Hall to see the sights, stop by the Allsite Structure Rentals booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Central Hall, Booth C12736. We enjoy meeting old and new aviation industry friends and learning about your experiences and challenges. We’re right at home here in Las Vegas where we have our headquarters. We’re happy to welcome you to Vegas and hope to see you at the NBAA-BACE this year.

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