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Iconic CES Trade Show Celebrates 50 Years in Style

The 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show (1967-2017) wrapped up in Las Vegas last week. Eagerly anticipated by industry professionals and consumers everywhere, this annual technology fest gives companies from around the globe a chance to share their latest technology breakthroughs with new products and promising concepts. CES is held each year here in our home town of Las Vegas and, for a number of years, we’ve had the honor of providing the organizers and exhibitors with temporary activity, display, and event spaces at CES using our tensile fabric structures.

CES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show registration: A tension fabric structure at the Las Vegas Convention Center

See Our Tensile Membrane Structures in Action at CES

As in past years, Allsite was privileged to be a vendor for CES, providing two clear span fabric structures consisting of a 21 meter (70’ x 164’) and a larger 48 meter (156’ x 98’) temporary fabric buildings. They were put to good use by Gibson Brands, an inspiring exhibitor in the entertainment space, and by the CES Show organizers to help process attendees during event registration.

CES Registration area including public entrance doors on an aluminum-framed Allsite TFS temporary structure

Our tension fabric structures were just what was needed to house the CES Registration Hall. Our fabric membrane clear span structure provided CES with a temporary, spacious, airy, and conveniently situated hall in which to accommodate large numbers of arriving attendees pouring in from all over the world. Visitors would pick up their credentials, get their questions answered, and move on to the show floor along with various event venues. The temporary fabric structure was erected in a centrally located parking lot over several days, and was equipped with appropriate wiring, lighting, public access doorways, and climate controls to optimize the space for efficient and comfortable servicing of attendees and guests. With Allsite’s sturdy, all-weather tension fabric structures, our trade show clients know their structures will easily withstand any weather that may roll through, be that rain, snow, ice, or (as is sometimes the case in Las Vegas) strong winds. Strong and light, they’re perfect for short duration use at trade shows like CES–an affordable and convenient solution for a temporary need, one that can be quickly configured, transported, installed and then uninstalled after use.

Allsite Clear Span Structure Highlights Gibson Brands at CES

One of our engineered fabric structures being used by Gibson BrandsIn addition to the CES Registration area, Allsite once again provided Gibson Brands with a free-standing entertainment venue where this iconic company could present its musical and home entertainment brands’ visual and (of course) aural technology. Equipped with a heavy-duty truss, our aluminum framed structure accommodated Gibson’s complex sound system requirements. The large, open clear span structure provided plenty of space for multiple musical instruments and entertainment product demos and displays, as well as live music and concerts.

Some CES 2017 Favorites from the Show Floor

Now that the show has wrapped, we can look back at another successful CES. Since we had a chance to take in some of the show while we were on site, we’d like to mention a few of our favorite finds among the thousands of introductions, demos, and displays on the show floor. Among this year’s new product announcements were many new digital entertainment and information technology devices, covering seemingly everything for smart homes, smart offices, and smart cars–not to mention smart outdoor device. Here were a few of our favorites:

  • In digital health technology, the Hyundai H-MEX Exoskeleton allows people in wheelchairs to “walk” using a digitally-guided mechanical suit that supports and reinforces the human body. Hyundai hopes to make this freedom-giving device available in a few years once it passes regulatory approval.
  • In robotics, everyone at the show fell in love with the charming Kuri, from Mayfield Robotics. Designed by Pixar, Kuri combines charm with service and versatility. It is a personal assistant robot that can navigate your home, carrying out everything from security checks to entertaining you and your children.

One of our tensile membrane structures set up in the Convention Center parking lotAllsite staff looks forward each year to attending CES Las Vegas and providing the right trade show spaces for our clients, no matter what their needs. Our tension fabric structures are design-flexible. They come in a variety of sizes and can be equipped with a number of accessories, allowing us to provide a unique and perfect solution for a client’s needs. We know a lot of hard work and preparation goes into getting ready for trade shows like CES. Our goal is to make it just a bit easier for companies to take part in shows like these by providing them the right space to do it easily, affordably, and reliably.

If you’re interested in a TFS for your own event, contact us here. We hope to see you next year at CES 2018!


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