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There are some pretty clear benefits to hosting your games in a soccer field fabric structure, but these may come as a surprise to you. 

soccer field fabric structure

Playing soccer year-round, despite the weather, is just about the best reason we can think of for choosing a tensioned fabric structure. These all-weather buildings stand up to any weather, even high winds and heavy snow.

A Soccer Field Fabric Structure Lets the Game Go On, No Matter What

Whatever the weather, a TFS soccer facility lets everyone focus on a good game. An added benefit: they protect both players and fans from getting too much exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

But we recently came across a few more reasons why a soccer field fabric structure is good for everyone… and if you’re like us, these reasons never would have crossed your mind. Take a look.

Some unlikely (and even humorous) Reasons an Enclosed Soccer Field Makes Sense

Problem Is, Dogs Love the Fields Too

In Australia, not even fences keep the fields safe from dangers. A fenced-in community soccer field in Glace Bay is causing neighborhood health concerns because of dogs. Ironically, the fence is what dog owners love – they can unleash their pets and let them run the full length of the soccer field.

But the problem is, running is not all they do… and local residents are concerned for kids’ health. The field is where the youth soccer teams play, and there are concerns about slipping in the mess the dogs have made.

Belly Rubs, Bathroom Breaks- Dogs Enter Games for Their Own Selfish Reasons

Turns out dogs really seem to love soccer games and the fields they are played on.

  • In Argentina, during a major soccer match between Rosario Central and River Plate, a very large mutt decided it was the perfect time to do his business right in front of everyone.
  • Another Argentine game – this time the Argentina Premier League – was interrupted by a dog. This guy only wanted a belly rub, and then he was on his way.
  • Three adorable dogs interrupted a match in Bolivia, where angry players were not as accommodating as the players in Argentina. One tried to pick up the dog by the tail to remove it but fortunately the ball boy got the dog safely off the field.
  • Another angry player, this time back in Argentina, was actually given a red card when he picked up a lounging dog by the neck. The problem? The dog had decided the middle of a match was a great time for a little rest so he laid down for a snooze. Never mind that there was a match between San Juan and Bellavista in progress.
  • Some dogs just want to play, as they somehow gain access to the field and bound around with the players, tails wagging and ready for anything.

Cats, Hedgehogs, and Roosters, Too?

Finally, dogs do not have a monopoly on interrupting soccer matches. In England, it’s more likely a hedgehog will stop the show, as one did recently. Or how about roosters, cats, a squirrel, and whatever this thing is (A Martin or a Fisher, perhaps):

Finally, in Australia a few months ago a bull charged onto a soccer field while a boy’s match was in progress. It charged at the children but luckily they were able to dodge and weave out of harm’s way.

The Real Reasons a Soccer Field Fabric Structure Makes Sense

Your players and fans are probably not too worried about raging bulls and pesky dogs so here are the real reasons to choose a soccer field fabric structure:

  • TFS come with an unobstructed clear span width of up to 156 feet – lots of room for out-of-bounds balls and corner kicks that go astray
  • TFS come with a peak height of up to 54 feet – plenty of vertical space for head bumps
  • Tensioned fabric structure accessories allow sports-ready customization for the soccer field: choice of doors, skylights, retractable walls for nice weather, and HVAC systems

At Allsite, our fabric structures are ideal for temporary to permanent soccer structures. Want to know more? Contact us and we can get started on your new soccer facility today.


Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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