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Our temporary fabric structures are rough, tough, and durable. A clear span structure from Allsite can be found at a number of trade shows and conventions, and offer bonuses – bright, clear span interiors in addition to their reliability, flexibility and quick installation over traditional construction methods. Clear span design provides interiors free from column obstruction, allowing more flexibility and maximum space utilization.

CES is the World’s Largest Innovation Convention*

Allsite TFS Structures make them the obvious choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications (including hangars), even in the harshest of climates. These clear span interiors are also the ideal solution for conventions and trade shows. The annual international Consumer Electronics Show, CES, has been held in Las Vegas for over 20 years, using clear span Allsite Structures.

Every January the biggest names in consumer electronics gather for a bonanza of new product launches.  The buzz is incredible, as press from all over the world attends the hugely popular event as well.  Last year, there were more than 150,000 people attending the four-day event. Allsite is proud to have been part of the CES 2016 team, providing a large clear span structure for the event registration headquarters.

Gibson Brands Chose Allsite for their Clear Span Structure

CES vendors not only have to stand out, they have to look good. Allsite was proud to help Gibson look their best at CES 2016. Gibson Brands was made famous by the iconic guitar they still produce, so of course most people think of guitars when they hear the name “Gibson.” Their audio technology expands beyond stringed instruments. Under brands Philips and Philips Fidelio, they produce impressive television and home cinema products.

clear span structure

Gibson Brands chose a clear span structure from Allsite for CES 2016.  We offered them quick installation, setup and teardown, reliable structural integrity and an amazing showcase for their incredible product lineup. Allsite enhanced Gibson’s lineup by installing a large truss system utilizing the structures’ beams for lighting and sound to host concert and press events.

Our tensioned fabric buildings are known for their weather resistance, strength, and the incredibly large clear span space that is made possible by the engineering that goes into our structures. It is that large, unobstructed space with no interior columns or other obstructions that provides an ideal environment for efficiently maximizing space and maneuverability without wasted space.  The interior height and volume of space makes Allsite TFS feel much larger than other fabric structures and even the traditional exhibit space of the convention center.

CES has been around for almost 40 years now, and we are honored to be part of something that has grown from a small event to one of the most-anticipated conventions of the year, known world-wide.  Hope to see you all there next year for CES 2017.

Contact Allsite for your clear span convention structure. We’re easy to reach. Call us at 888-599-5112 or click here for our other contact information.


*Source: CES Press Release, retrieved 5/18/2016 from


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