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landscape-sky-person-beach-mediumLas Vegas is known for many things, conventions being one of them. Conventions hold a great purpose and are usually targeted towards specific people. Conventions have many different themes depending on who is hosting them. In 2014 there were over 5 million people who came to conventions. There were over 22,000 conventions held last year hosting millions of people.

Las Vegas is known for being a touristy town. A large part of our revenue comes from tourists. Millions of people come to Las Vegas so that they can be a part of our great history, and possibly even make some history for themselves. Conventions help people to do that, as well as help to bring in revenue for our great city.

When conventions are held in Las Vegas, you need to take into consideration what the weather is like. The weather here is not always in the 70 degree range. In fact, during Las Vegas summers, temperatures can sky rocket to over 115 degrees. When you are dealing with this kind of weather, the people who are walking around outside at the convention are at risk for heat stroke. It is important to keep those people safe. If everyone is safe, it is likely that they will return for another convention in the future. But, if they have a negative experience, they are probably not going to come back.

Allsite Structure Rentals can offer temporary fabric structures to people putting on conventions. These structures are large enough to hold the amount of people you expect to attend your convention, as well as offer protection for the harmful sun. The fabric tents also provide ventilation and air conditioning so that the inside of the structure remains cool and safe for people to be inside.

If you are going to be holding a convention, contact Allsite Structure Rentals for your temporary fabric structure.

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