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convention attendee in Las Vegas desertConventions are one of the many things Las Vegas is known for. Expos and tradeshows are wonderfully effective at bringing together people with a similar passion or profession. They can take on so many different themes that they have become wildly popular. There were over 22,000 conventions held in Las Vegas last year alone, bringing 5 million visitors from around the world.

Las Vegas is known for being a touristy town, and a massive portion of our revenue comes from visitors. The millions of people come to Las Vegas don’t just fulfill their personal goals when they come here–they build on our great city’s long history. Conventions are a huge part of what makes that possible.

If you’re planning on hosting your convention here in Vegas, you need to take into consideration what the weather is like. The weather here is not always in the 70 degree range. In fact, during Las Vegas summers, temperatures can skyrocket to over 115 degrees. It can get so hot that guests walking around your convention are at risk for heatstroke, especially if they will be spending time outside. As an organizer, it is your job to keep them safe. A temperate and comfortable convention makes it more likely that exhibitors and attendees will return in the future. If they have a bad experience due to hot weather, they are not going to come back.

Allsite Sets Up High Quality Venues

You might be surprised to learn that steel-framed fabric structures aren’t just good for aircraft hangars or oil and gas operations. Allsite Structure Rentals can offer custom fabric structures ideal for people setting up conventions. We have even given shelter to attendees at CES in Las Vegas for several years. Our structures are enormous, and their range of pre-engineered modular designs mean they are adaptable enough to hold whatever amount of people you expect to attend your convention. As well as offering protection from the harmful sun, our fabric covered buildings also provide ventilation and air conditioning, so the inside of the structure remains cool and safe for everyone in attendance.

If you are going to be holding a convention, contact Allsite Structure Rentals for one of our temporary fabric buildings.

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