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Allsite TFS Brochure

Download our comprehensive brochure to explore Allsite's range of portable fabric structures and solutions.

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An Allsite TFS Structure is the ultimate solution, providing temporary and long-term solutions with our state-of-the-art portable fabric structures, erected in a fraction of the time required for a conventional building. Please contact us to answer any questions you have on how an Allsite TFS380 can get you covered.

Client Testimonial

"Having this structure, the schedule went just like it would in the Summer. Normal Winter conditions up here (Colorado Mountains) would have doubled or tripled the time frame. Now it's coming on Spring time and we're done with our foundation work while everybody else is just getting started."

Big Valley Construction LLCDan Freid, Project Manager

About Portable Fabric Structures

A Tension Fabric Structure (or TFS) is much more than just a tent. It is an all-weather fabric structure made from engineered, custom extruded aluminum alloy frame and high-grade architectural fabric, distinguishing the TFS as a premier choice among portable fabric structures.

illustration of tension fabric structure design construction by crane.
Flat end design for flexible accessory placement & maximum usable space.
Multiple personnel & equipment door options.
Curved eve framework allows snow to shed easily & creates high center height for operation of heavy equipment.
When penetration of the ground is not permitted, TFS ballasts can be used to meet engineering loads
Horizontal tensioning of the roof panels creates a sealed building allowing structures to maintain negative pressure.
Proprietary crane lift kits make moving a fully assembled TFS easy for multiple relocations.
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