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Allsite TFS Sales

Buying an Allsite Temporary Outdoor Structure

Purchasing a TFS

While Allsite is focused primarily on the rental market for TFS structures, the company does offer both new and reconditioned structures for sale.

TFS structures have been used as temporary and permanent structures for over 30 years. We have many permanent installations that are older than 20 years including the TFS Tennis Centre structure in Whistler, Canada that was installed in 1998 and is still going strong today.

Often structures on lease are ultimately purchased by our clients but in some cases the best economical alternative is a straight purchase from the get-go. Unique to Allsite is the availability of reconditioned frames. These frames are available immediately from stock eliminating any order time and Allsite’s rugged TFS aluminum frames last indefinitely providing little difference in performance to new.

Should I purchase or rent a TFS?

Allsite TFS can be reinstalled dozens of times without degradation to the integrity of the product and as aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode, they have a much longer life then a steel framed structure.

Contact Allsite if you are looking to purchase a fabric structure and want to know all the benefits of the TFS. For comprehensive builds and custom options, Allsite’s affiliate Fabritecture can provide a total turnkey finished building using the Allsite TFS frame system at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

  • New frame: 50 years design life (15 year warranty)
  • Reconditioned frame (from stock): 40 year design life (10 year warranty)
  • New fabric (Ferrari 702S2): 25 year design life (15 year warranty)

Advantages of Buying an Allsite Aluminum Structure vs. A Steel Frame Building

Useful Life of Structure is Longer
Resale Value is Higher
Scrap Value is Significant
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4/5 (1 Review)

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