aviation hangar structure

Aviation Hangar Temporary Fabric Structures

Rent Fast and Temporary Aviation Hangar Solutions
Client had a lucrative MRO contract but no space to perform the work. To build a new facility would take over 3 years and they were not prepared to delay that revenue for three years or potentially lose the deal.

They contacted us and a month later they had a temporary fabric hangar. The client opted for the clamshell hangar door and installed one on each end of the fabric structure. This allowed them to work on multiple planes and maximize floor space without having to shuffle aircrafts in and out. We were also able to provide a fall arrest system using the existing beams of the structure.

construction temporary building

Construction Fabric Structures

Client was behind schedule on a custom home being built in wine country. With rain season approaching the client could not afford any further delays. They contacted us and within 3 weeks we shipped and constructed a fabric structure. Since they were constructing the entire house underneath our structure and the site was extremely limited in space, the client opted for our wheel system. This allowed us to build the structure one bay at a time and wheel into place over the site making very efficient use of the limited space we had available.

Once the house was completed all access was blocked underneath the structure. The wheel system allowed us to move the structure away from the house so that we could dismantle the structure without and risk to the house.

remediation temporary structure

Environmental and Remediation Fabric Structures

Temporary Remediation Solutions
Client was required to cover site with a fabric structure. The site was extremely limited on space and the entire footprint needed to be remediated. With the limitations of the site we needed to use a smaller structure and relocate multiple times shuffling around trailers, equipment, air handlers, etc.

Rather than dismantle and reinstall structure multiple times costing time and money the client opted for our crane lift package. This allowed the fabric structure to be lifted by crane and moved into position in the same day so that work could continue with little interruption. This has become a regular solution for our remediation clients and we continue to evolve to meet our clients needs in this area.

energy temporary structure

Energy and Mining Fabric Structures

Need to cover a large site, while keeping costs down?
Client had a new site that needed to be drilled on top of a mountain in an area that gets a lot of snow.
They contacted us and we were able to provide a structure that had the interior height needed to house their equipment and met the strict requirements of the area.

They were able to stay dry and warm throughout the winter – at least while they were in our fabric structure.

tradeshow temporary building

Event Fabric Structure

Fast and Temporary Event Rental Solutions
Client had a very large trade show and convention center was double booked. Client needed 180,000 square feet of exhibit space on convention center grounds. (need to verify sizes)

They contacted us and we were able to provide 180,000 square feet of temporary fabric exhibit space in a comfortable climate controlled environment. The structures were such a big hit that the exhibitors were requesting space in the fabric structure for the next show.

We continue to provide fabric structures for this client and have met much larger square footage requirements on a regular basis many times with only a few days to install and dismantle.

movie set temporary building

Entertainment Fabric Structures

Client was filming a movie and needed a large space to build a set. The warehouse space that was available was far away and didn’t offer the height they needed. They needed to film night time scenes during the day since kids were involved in the filming so the space needed to be completely dark inside. To meet the 80′ required interior height we stacked shipping containers 3 rows high around the perimeter of the fabric structure creating a 25′ base.

We then constructed the fabric structure on top of the shipping containers while the crew below us built a full size club house, pool house, 10′ deep pool, etc. Having a crew working below us added a lot of obstacles however they were great to work with and helped make the project a huge success. After watching the movie I couldn’t decide if it was a good or bad thing that I couldn’t tell it was filmed inside one of our fabric structures.

car maintenance temporary building

Maintenance Facility Fabric Structures

Client owns multiple car dealerships and needed to expand their service center. While new facilities were in process the client had an immediate need so they contacted us. We provided a fabric structure to help them keep up with the volume.

The fabric structure was such a successful addition to their business and what started as a short term rental turned into a multiple year deal.

sports court temporary building

Sport Facility Fabric Structures

Fast and Temporary Sporting Event Rental Solutions
Client saw an opportunity with community center tennis courts going unused most of the year due to the wet/cold climate. They contacted us and we were able to provide a fabric structure to house 4 tennis courts. The client was able to rent the courts out, provide tennis lessons, and allowed the community access as well.

Now the courts are used on a daily basis no matter the weather conditions, an entrepreneur is doing something they love and profiting, and a community is benefiting as well. Our fabric structures provide high peak and wall heights making the full interior space usable and are the ideal fabric structures for sports.