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Trade shows provide companies with an excellent opportunity to exhibit their products to others in the industry, and they should not squander it. According to Exhibit Surveys, Inc., 44 percent of attendees go to trade shows without plans to attend another one during the year. That means companies get one opportunity to impress these potential clients. In order for that to happen, they need to choose the right space. Clear span buildings have many benefits that help trade show exhibitors impress their attendees.

Clear Span Buildings Have Great Acoustics

It is impossible to make a good impression with poor acoustics. Clear span buildings muffle outside noise while making presentations and demonstrations inside sound crystal clear.

This helps attendees listen to what the demonstrators have to say about their products. They get important details about the products that they can take back to their team. This helps exhibitors convert attendees into new clients.

trade show acoustics

These building can also be illuminated with one of our many lighting packages making them an ideal environment to video or live stream a presentation. This allows exhibitors to reach potential clients that were unable to attend the show with them same message and energy.

No Internal Columns

Internal columns are a real hassle at trade shows. They make it difficult for vendors to set up booths and demonstrate products.

Clear span buildings do not have internal columns, meaning people have access to all the space they need during the trade show. This makes it easier for the vendors to set up and gives attendees a clear view of everything around them. By providing extra space and a clear line of site, these tensioned fabric buildings make demonstrations more enjoyable and effective.

Exceptional Clearance Space

Vendors do not want to have strict limits on the size of the equipment they can have on display. With clear span buildings, they have as much as 54 feet of clearance space at their disposal.

clear span buildings

Equipment can easily be brought in to set up booths or demonstrate products. It is not uncommon to see two story trade show exhibits and this is completely feasible with clear span buildings. It also makes it easy for big equipment vendors to show their equipment off to attendees.

Countless Possibilities

Companies that build brick-and-mortar trade show venues typically have to go with basic designs to avoid overspending. Anything outside of the normal scope of work costs a lot of money. This can quickly cut into trade show budgets.

However, since manufacturers can use customizable modular construction for clear span buildings, companies have nearly countless affordable options at their disposal. From separate offices to overhead steel doors and conference rooms to catering space, the perfect trade show building can be installed without the high construction costs.

Fast Construction and Installation

When companies choose clear span buildings for their trade shows, they dramatically cut down on the time between planning and setting up the show. While traditional buildings take months to plan and build, tensioned fabric buildings can generally be designed, built, and installed in less than a month.

Less Planning

Companies that choose brick-and-mortar structures have to engage in a great deal of planning, including clearing and leveling the land for the building.

The same is not true for tensioned fabric structures. They usually do not require a foundation and can typically sit on uneven land as long as they are properly anchored to the ground. This makes it much easier for people to choose a location for the trade show venue and then begin setting it up.

Flexibility Regarding Location

Companies are often reluctant to dive right into trade shows because they do not know what type of results they will get. They want to have the opportunity to change details like the location once they get feedback from their first show. Brick-and-mortar buildings do not give them that luxury. Once they select a site, they have to stick with it or start over with the construction process.

Companies that go with tensioned fabric structures have the option to relocate the enclosure to a new place any time they want. This type of flexibility takes some of the stress off as they plan for their trade shows. They know they can move across town or even to a new state if they wish to do so.

Picking the right structure is the first step in creating the right impression with attendees. Once companies have their buildings in place, they can begin working on booths in order to create the best trade show experience for their guests.

Allsite Structure Rentals has been working with trade shows and conventions for years. Contact us now for more information about how our fabric structures can make your next show a sensation.

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