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Construction season is ramping up and now is an optimal time to start your job site plan.  If your job site is in a location where temperatures soar in the summer months, investing in a clear span construction tent can help prevent delays and keep deadlines in check.  Make the most of time on site and keep your workers safe by considering a Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS).

Clear Span Construction Tent Design

The clear span design of a construction tent makes it ideal for most any type of construction project.  That is because a TFS has no interior columns or walls to interfere with the workflow.  Large vehicles and pieces of equipment can move freely within the structure. With no need for interior support columns, there is a maximum amount of unobstructed floor space.

clear span construction tent

The clear span construction tent also allows the entire area to be seen at once, cutting down on the chance for accidents. With a peak height of 54’, almost any type of construction vehicles will be able to fit and operate within the structure.

Cost Effective

Whether you need a TFS on a temporary or more permanent basis, a clear span construction tent is an affordable way to provide a workspace, manufacturing area, employee rest area, or storage area on your job site.  A clear span construction tent can be assembled quickly, usually within a few days, to meet the demands of the job site schedule.  If you have several projects, you can relocate the tent to each location.

Since there is no foundation requirement for the structure, it can be placed almost anywhere on the job site, in a location that is easily accessible and convenient.   In addition, with virtually no maintenance of the structure, once it is built, you can use it without worry of continual upkeep.

Weather Protection

Working in extreme heat can be just as dangerous as working in extremely cold conditions.  As we move into the warmer weather months, workers must be vigilant about taking care and precaution in the heat.  High temperatures coupled with physical exertion of the job can result in heat-related illness such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion, potentially life threatening situations.

clear span construction tent

OSHA advises those who work outdoors to take regular rest periods in a cool recovery area.  A clear span construction tent enables workers to get out of the sun and heat for recovery or workstations can be set up inside the tent when possible.

Provide air conditioned or cool, shaded areas close to the work area for breaks and recovery periods.

Source: United States Department of Labor, OSHA

The PVC-coated polyester fabric is tensioned both horizontally and vertically, giving a sturdy seal from the scorching summer heat.  Workers may require fewer breaks and be able to continue work so that job deadlines are met.


Sometimes job requirements or locations change.  A clear span construction tent can be deconstructed and rebuilt in another configuration if necessary.  Because of the modular nature of a TFS, the original structure can often be divided to make two, or more, smaller structures.

If additional storage or workspace is required, it can be accommodated with ease. A clear span construction tent is extremely durable and can be quickly built.


One of the hazards on a constructions site is when a worker is stone-cutting.  The dust generated from dry cutting masonry or stone can cause serious lung issues if breathed in for long periods of time.  With a combination of wet-cutting and the ventilation options offered in a clear span construction tent, this job can be more safely performed.

Safety is paramount to the success of every construction site and at Allsite we take fire safety very seriously.  Our structure’s fabric is approved by the California State Fire Marshall as a registered flame resistant product per California Health & Safety code.

At Allsite Structure Rentals, we have the experience and expertise to create the best clear span construction tent to meet all of your requirements.  If you are on a tight deadline, we can have a clear span construction tent installed in a matter of days.  To learn more click here or give us a call at 888.599.5112 to get all of your questions answered.

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