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Did you know that clear span structures can help you save money, make more money more quickly, and even save lives? Temporary fabric buildings are also an efficient way to take care of your crew and equipment, keep productivity up, and make the most of limited storage space.

Here Are 6 Reasons Smart Contractors Use Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS).

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  1. Clear Span Fabric Buildings and Their Strengths

Postponements caused by rain, snow, cold, and other adverse weather conditions are the number one reason for construction delays. These interruptions are a hassle for you, your clients, and your crew as well.

Construction deadlines that are not met can delay your final payment for a project and often other pre-planned payments as well. Depending on where you are located, enough bad weather days can even equal the time it would take to start and finish a new project!

Lower temperatures either completely stop or slow down the process of cement hydration due to lack of heat, which reduces the masonry’s bond strength.

Source: Equipment Finance Advisor

Temporary fabric buildings offer a cost-effective way for contractors to stay on schedule, regardless of the weather. With heights of 54’, widths of 156’, and length dictated only by your site, these clear span fabric buildings work with a surprising variety of projects.

  1. Construction shelters save wear on equipment.

Tensioned fabric structures help reduce wear on equipment. The most obvious wear and tear comes from sand, rain, and in coastal areas, sea-salt corrosion.

a picture of allsite construction equipment

Many types of machinery and equipment used on job sites have filters that need to be cleaned regularly. Fabric enclosures help keep dust and dirt out of working elements of equipment and help eliminate equipment breakdowns.

  1. Temporary warehouses can make the most of small sites or storage space.

Whether you need a temporary warehouse building on-site for a contract or a more permanent structure for your own usage, tensioned fabric structures will help you make the most of your space.

Tensioned fabric is tight and strong enough to seal along the frame, creating independent environmental integrity inside the structure. In other words, a tensioned fabric warehouse creates a controlled environment that can help you manage temperature and humidity as needed.

Temporary warehouse buildings also help make the most of limited square footage. Celling heights of up to 54’ in clear span structures allow you to utilize vertical space for just about any storage need.

  1. Everyone wants productivity up and accidents down.

Slips and falls are the number one cause of death on construction sites. You can help cut this figure down drastically by shielding your work area from rain and other precipitation.

  1. Good contractors take care of their crew.

Clear span structures help you take care of your crew in other ways:

  • Avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  • Avoid sunburn (Allsite fabric is UV-treated)
  • Tensioned fabric creates a tight seal with the frame. With exhaust fans, HVAC, and other options, you can create a secure environment in warm or cold weather.
  • Protection from the elements and bad weather typically reduces sick days, time and labor lost due to injuries, and worker compensation claims.
  1. Since they are modular, tensioned fabric structures are easy to custom-fit to almost any project.

Whether you need a single personnel door, or a dozen different cargo, personnel, and vehicular doors, it is easy to place them wherever you need.

The same is true for other equipment. A structure with a strong frame can support HVAC, ventilation systems, lighting, truss systems, catwalks, fall arrest systems, etc., whatever your needs.

Temporary fabric structures can be moved by crane on-site, or can be easily packed up and re-installed at a new site (about 10,000 square feet per day on average). Thanks to the flexibility and strength of the aluminum frame they can usually be set up without a foundation on non-level ground.

Clear span structures help smart contractors take care of their employees and equipment, help avoid unnecessary accidents and weather-related delays, and help keep things moving on job sites. Want to find out how they can help you? Click here to visit our contact page.

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