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For anyone interested in large-scale gardening, a commercial greenhouse tent should be considered if you are serious about cultivation. By using this type of enclosure, you will be able to raise crops any time of year, even when they are unable to be grown outside. These structures will help take your horticultural efforts to the next level and will eliminate many of the gardening problems that arise from outdoor gardening.

commercial greenhouse tent

Being able to plant at any time of year is not the only advantage to having a commercial greenhouse tent. The money that is saved by using a greenhouse will offset the cost of investing in one.

A Commercial Greenhouse Tent for Year-Round Gardening

A commercial greenhouse tent is the perfect solution in areas with extreme temperatures and poor weather conditions. Your plants, herbs, and flowers will be protected from wind, excessive rain, and temperature swings. With the ability to control the temperature in these enclosures, plants will not only thrive but also flourish. Optimum growing conditions result in higher quality and higher yield crops.

There is no need to plan around the seasons or weather conditions. Restrictions as to when you can start planting seeds or bring in seedlings are almost entirely eliminated. This allows you to grow a wide variety of produce at the same time.

Grow for a Profit

Out-of-season fruits and vegetables can draw a high price in certain markets. With careful selection of your crops, you can maximize your profits by providing those foods that are in high demand by utilizing a commercial greenhouse tent.

greenhouse tent tomatoes

Tomatoes are the top greenhouse producer because demand is continuously high. Cucumbers, lettuce, and peppers are also commercial greenhouse-grown favorites. Basil, rosemary, and thyme similarly do well when greenhouse grown.

Tomatoes are the most common vegetables grown in greenhouses, followed by cucumbers. Both are grown in the off-season (fall, winter, and spring) to take advantage of premium prices.

Source: New Mexico State University

Strawberries can be grown in hanging containers so they do not take up valuable floor space.

Flowers can also be grown for a profit, especially those that do not respond well to outside wind, such as delphinium and snapdragons. Collaborate with a local florist, and you will have a profitable side business providing for winter weddings, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Gardening Storage

Gardening requires tools and equipment that can easily be stored within the commercial greenhouse tent. Simply designate a certain area for tools, peat moss, fertilizer, etc. and it will remain neat and organized. Imagine the convenience of having all of your gardening implements and supplies in close proximity to the garden.

Medical Marijuana

As the legalization movement of medical marijuana is spreading, commercial growers are increasing production to meet the demands of the market. Using a commercial greenhouse tent to grow cannabis creates the ideal environment for this light sensitive plant.

The optional translucent ceiling and walls of a commercial greenhouse tent will allow sunlight to filter to the marijuana plants. With the sturdy frame of our clear span structures, additional lighting within the greenhouse tent can be used to supplement the sun when necessary.

greenhouse cannabis

Many outdoor marijuana seeds such as Dutch Dope, Bob Marley sativa, Crystal Rain, and Haze will grow very well in a commercial greenhouse tent. Growing those in an enclosure will create a drier and warmer environment so they can be started at an earlier time with less of a chance of frost killing the flowers.   Like other plants, they will be protected from heavy rains, which can affect the quality of marijuana.

Equally important to growers in the cannabis industry is the environmental advantage provided by commercial greenhouse tents.   Growing in a greenhouse significantly reduces the energy expenditures and gas emissions as compared to growing cannabis indoors.

Organic Gardening more Feasible

According to the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic food have been continuously rising. With limited growing seasons and sometimes prohibitive costs of growing with no pesticides or chemicals, it makes it difficult to achieve a profit when going organic.

The year-round growing season provided by a commercial greenhouse tent makes volume more achievable. Competing in the organic food marketing business becomes a reality with an enclosed growing environment.

If you are looking for an economical way to garden and produce crops year-round, a commercial greenhouse tent may be the best choice for you. Call us now at 888.599.5112 for more information and to get started with your commercial greenhouse tent.

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