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Your budget may be lean, but going cheap might actually be the more expensive route when it comes to renting or purchasing a TFS structure for your business.  What you should look for is a team of professionals that know exactly what they are doing at every stage of the game.

Going with anything less may cause problems for your business. After all, you are trusting your inventory, your project, or your facilities to a TFS, so you need it to perform and you need it to last.  To achieve that, you will need to have the right company that can offer the right product for your specific needs.

Nothing trumps experience.

In this business, the right company is the one with experience as well as expertise.  We think Red Adair said it best:

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.”

-Red Adair, oil well fire fighter

Mr. Adair knew very well the value of hiring the right company.  As a master of putting out extremely dangerous and powerful fires at industrial oil well sites, experience was critical to his success.

After all, there is no university degree for extinguishing oil well fires, rather years of working in the industry and learning first-hand how the business works is what it takes in that field.

The same can be said of the business of TFS structure installation.

A TFS structure is a highly engineered feat of architecture, so why would you trust yours to a novice?

It takes some pretty smart engineers, project managers, and other degreed professionals to make Allsite run.  These tensioned fabric structures are products of the most advanced scientific principles at work, and the site coordination that is required is usually pretty complex.

TFS Structure

However, technical knowledge is really just the starting point.

Without an experienced team of professionals, your TFS structure could be installed incorrectly.  The site may not be properly prepared.  It may not survive the first major storm that comes your way.  It may not be properly tensioned, which can result in water leakage onto your property within.

In addition, from an organizational perspective, all sorts of possible nightmare scenarios come to mind.  Tight coordination is key, with very little room for error in the planning stages.

That is why the best companies start out with a knowledgeable team and then accumulate years of experience and professionalism before they can truly dominate the market and say they are the best.  And by the best, we mean Allsite, of course.

At Allsite, we consider ourselves to be experts.

Combine our technical knowledge with our near quarter-century of experience and you end up with something more than a group of professionals.  You get experts in the TFS structure industry.

What defines an expert?  Many folks go by the 10,000 hour rule, made famous by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell in his 2008 book Outliers. He claims it takes that long to master anything.

If 10,000 hours is the standard, then we are experts ten times over.  Allsite Structure Rentals has been installing tensioned fabric structures since 1992.  If you go by Mr. Gladwell’s rule, we hit expert level years ago.

Expertise takes a long time to achieve, and it requires considerable investments in things like finding, hiring, and retaining the best talent.  It also takes considerable concentrated energy, focus, and determination over the years.

Our guarantee to you.

At Allsite, we have put in our time, energy, and focus for almost 25 years now.  We have hired the best, retained them, and now put them to work on every TFS structure installation that we handle.

In fact, we will not allow rookie engineers and managers to head our installation projects.  This is for your benefit as well as ours.  Rookies simply make more mistakes and can end up costing more in the end.

The same goes for companies that do not have the experience and who do not operate with complete professional guidelines in place.

From technical expertise to project coordination, and right on down to communication, Allsite delivers only the best, professional experience when you need a TFS structure.

As Red Adair implied in his famous, oft-quoted words, the best value is when you get the job done right the first time.

Allsite’s professionals are standing by, ready to start your order for a TFS structure. Contact us now to get started.

Author Jason Cromwell

Jason Cromwell is the General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals. He has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jason is a 12 year veteran in all matters related to Tension Fabric Structures with Allsite Structure Rentals and has over 20 years of sales, operations, and management experience. Read more about Jason and the rest of our team at

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