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Before deciding what type of clamshell hangar to choose for your aircraft, there are several things to consider. One important item is that the term ‘clamshell’ refers to the type of door used in the structure.

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For some time now, aircraft owners as well as airport managers and other aviation professionals have had the option of tensioned fabric structures (TFS) for their aircraft storage needs.  Some of you may remember the days before the technology for these structures existed, when pilots and airport managers had to construct permanent buildings at considerable expense and commitment.

Clamshell Hangars Weren’t so Green Before TFS

Those old airport buildings were generally made with heavy steel beam construction techniques. Once built, the old structures could not be moved.  They were also less resistant to wind, UV rays, snow, and water than the options available today.

The steel that went into the construction of airport hangars before the days of tensioned fabric structures left a carbon footprint that was often larger than the planes they housed.

Luckily, anyone faced with the logistics of sheltering various types of aircraft these days has the option to choose a TFS.  Many people prefer these structures to traditional steel hangars. They are using the TFS as semi-permanent to permanent solutions to aircraft housing.

Do you think a tensioned fabric structure might be the way to go for your clamshell hangar?  Then here are five things to consider before you dive in and make your purchase:


TFS aircraft hangars can last for years with little to no maintenance. In fact, many aviation professionals purchase their fabric structures for long-term aircraft housing. The high quality architectural  PVC-coated polyester fabric is highly resistant to UV rays, meaning it lasts longer under the hot sun. The design of our hangars shed snow so there is no concern about snow buildup. They are used by satisfied customers in some of the snowiest locations.  Finally, the fabric on these structures is tensioned both horizontally and vertically for a taught fit around the sturdy aluminum frame.

Some TFS fabric has lasted for two to three decades – that’s how much the fabric technology has advanced. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Allsite uses heavy-grade architectural fabric: the kind that’s used in industrial applications.   

Climate Control

Since aircraft is best stored in climate-controlled conditions, it is important that the hangar is neither too hot nor too cold. With options like insulation, HVAC and ventilation, Allsite’s TFS hangars can provide control over the interior conditions of your aircraft facility.  Louvered ventilation can become part of your customized TFS, and is often paired with exhaust fans to help eliminate condensation and potential fumes.

Hangar Doors

What type of entrance do you prefer for your hangar?  Allsite offers choices here, too.  Choose from our full width clamshell hangar door, bi-fold or full panel hydraulic door. Of course, there are personnel doors and freight doors too, that can be placed in almost any location.


One of the greatest benefits of TFS aviation structures is that they can easily be relocated in a short time.  It is hard to believe that Allsite’s hangars can be so tough and durable, yet also easily deconstructed and moved on a truck or shipping container.  Structures are also easy to expand (or reduce) if needs change.


Our aircraft hangars come with another option too.  Depending on where you intend to locate your aircraft TFS structure, the anchoring system can be tailored to fit your type of installation. Are you not sure what you need?  No problem, that is what we’re here for!  With Allsite, you simply show us where you would like your clamshell hangar and we will show you all the available anchorage options and help you make the best choice. If you are on the tarmac and cannot penetrate the surface, we offer anchorage options that do not penetrate the ground.

These are compelling reasons to opt for a TFS hangar from Allsite, but of course, only you can decide whether Allsite’s tensioned fabric structures are right for you.  Have questions?  Call us and we will tell you even more about the Allsite clamshell hangar and how they have helped aircraft owners and managers all over the world with safe and dependable aircraft housing needs.

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Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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