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Construction sites are busy environments where different types of trades are often performed simultaneously. Building materials and equipment are vital components to completing the job on time and on budget. Inclement weather can put a real damper on completing jobs successfully. Enter the construction tent.

construction tent

Costly equipment and materials can be sheltered with a construction tent so jobs can continue uninterrupted. The quality of the job need not be sacrificed due to damage or loss of materials or equipment.

A construction tent is an economical solution to keeping materials and equipment in a safe storage facility. This spacious enclosure will provide enough room to keep items organized and sorted while allowing workers to carry out projects regardless of weather conditions. Work will continue efficiently so the job can stay on schedule.

Clear Span for a Construction Tent

The clear span design of a construction tent allows for the usage of heavy machinery because there are no internal columns or poles obstructing work processes. The fabric of the construction tent is tensioned horizontally and vertically to help seal out elements. Optional translucent fabric can let natural sunlight through.

The size of the construction tent can be customized to your job site’s requirements. With the tent’s generous peak height of 54’ and spacious widths, heavy machinery will easily fit and have mobility.

Since a construction tent does not usually require that a foundation be in place in order to be built, these enclosures can be placed practically anywhere on a job site, on most any type of surface, and relocated if the job dictates. This is ideal for any construction site as it allows for flexibility and changes within the site plan.

Avoid Delays due to Weather

Weather delays are one of the most common reasons that a construction project is delayed. Being able to store materials and equipment on-site without risk of damage due to weather conditions is a major advantage of a construction tent.

Heat related illnesses are a legitimate concern for contractors. Workers that are exposed to high temperatures and humidity are at risk if not given sufficient shelter and respite from the heat. A construction tent helps keep workers protected from the extreme heat, creating an overall better and more productive work environment.

Cost Savings

Delays of a project can sometimes lead to a big impact on the bottom line. Being able to work throughout the rain or summer season will keep the job on track, and customers happy.

Employees will also be able to work efficiently in a climate-controlled environment so they can produce high-quality work. Protecting materials, tools, and equipment from the elements will minimize damage and losses. In addition, having a place to store materials during inclement weather helps manage the work site planning.


Depending on the type of project, you might want to keep the mess on site to a minimum. If your project requires any cutting, grinding, or sandblasting, some of the dustiest jobs, these trades can be performed in a sectioned area of the construction tent. Modular construction and proper ventilation help keep dust to a minimum.

Designating one area of the construction site for the dustiest jobs will help other areas stay clean. Benefits of containing dust include:

  • Reduces health risks that result from air pollution
  • Better working conditions
  • Reduces damage to equipment
  • Business reputation improved
  • Less cleaning

Hot Weather Masonry

Hot weather presents its own set of problems for masonry. When temperatures rise, moisture evaporates more swiftly. Combine that with direct sunlight and the mortar will quickly lose enough moisture making it not workable.

construction tent brick and mortar

Storing the materials in an enclosed construction tent allows masonry work to continue year-round. With an enclosed structure, you no longer have to schedule construction to avoid the hottest part of the day. Mortar can be mixed and work continued at an even flow all day, every day.

The construction tent can hold thousands of bricks as well as have enough room for a forklift to be able to operate under it.

Contact us today to learn how we can keep a job with a tight project schedule on track with a construction tent. Allsite offers accessories and packages specifically for construction projects. Learn more here.

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