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Abiding by deadlines on a construction project can sometimes prove to be quite problematic. Factors like weather conditions can seriously delay a construction job, cutting into the bottom line, and resulting in an unhappy customer. A construction tent rental provides an optimal solution to many postponements and setbacks.

Construction Site Enclosure

As a contractor or project manager, you want to be able to deliver a quality job within the designated timeline. Renting a construction tent is the economical and practical answer when you have a construction job that needs to be completed on time and on budget.

Temporary construction tents provide reliable protection against unpredictable weather conditions and allow workers to continue to perform high-quality work. They also provide a convenient storage area for tools and equipment.

Material and Supply Availability with a Construction Tent Rental

For larger construction projects in particular, valuable equipment, tools, and materials must be on site in order to complete the project on schedule. A construction tent rental enables workers to have access to all necessary items in one convenient location, directly on the job site. The additional cost associated with an offsite storage facility and then transit to and from the site will be eliminated.

construction tent rental

All resources can be easily seen and stored with the clear span design. Equipment and machinery can be maneuvered with ease within the enclosure without obstruction of columns or walls. In addition, the vertical height available in a construction tent rental will easily fit equipment underneath.

Inclement Weather Protection

Unpredictable and undesirable weather conditions can cause major interruptions on a job site and affect the quality of the workmanship. A construction tent rental can take delays out of the equation by providing workspace that is not affected by weather. Employees will be able to work in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment, no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

In addition to providing protection for workers, a construction tent rental will also keep tools, materials, and equipment dry, secure, and undamaged. This equates to a cost savings in addition to a reduction in work schedule delays.

As the hotter weather approaches, being able to shield employees from extreme heat and sun will make for a more pleasant and productive work environment. It will also help to avoid potential ailments such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and sunburn. Working in a hot environment can promote accidents caused by sweaty palms and fogged safety glasses. This can be avoided by working under the protection of a construction tent.

Built to withstand the toughest weather conditions, construction tent rentals are stable and sturdy. High wind and rain is no match for these types of enclosures.

Design Flexibility

The modular construction of the enclosures provides the ability to section certain areas of the construction tent. Office space and employee break areas can be created thus conveniently locating all required spaces in one area. Separate workstations can also be sectioned, if desired, with still plenty of room for tools and materials storage.


Construction tent rentals can be placed on practically any surface, anywhere, making them ideal for job sites. In most cases a foundation or even level ground is not required thanks to the structure’s rugged aluminum frame, and it can be built by crane without interrupting the job on hand. A remote job location is not an installation issue for a construction enclosure.

These maintenance-free structures are easy to install, relocate, and deconstruct. When your job site needs change, construction tent rentals are able to be moved quickly and economically with almost no interruption of the work flow.

Clean Construction

If the location is located in a high-wind area that produces a lot of dust, you may want to be able to keep the work areas clean. Keeping employees out of high dust areas will enable them to continue to work quickly and safely.

For dust-producing projects, such as cutting or grinding tile, one section of the enclosure can be designated for that job. The ventilation options available for a construction tent rental can also help keep the work area clean.

Allsite offers accessories and packages specifically for construction projects and we are very flexible with our options. To learn more about our construction tent rentals click here. Our team of experts can help you decide what type of construction tent will fit your needs and budget.

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