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Construction companies simply cannot take all of the equipment and tools back to their own warehouses at the end of the day. For the best management of time and production, they need to leave the tools of their trade on site so they can start right back up the next day. However, leaving everything out in the open is not wise. Fortunately, construction tents keep heavy equipment and tools safe when the crew is not on site. Then everything is ready to go when the construction crew returns.

Weather Protection

Weather is probably the biggest villain in the construction world. Bad weather keeps construction workers at home and delays projects. It also wreaks havoc on uncovered equipment and tools.

Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) block out cold weather, wind, rain, and snow. In addition, they block damaging UV rays. The weather protection provided by construction tents not only safeguards equipment and tools, but workers too. Construction crews can take respite from inclement weather inside the structure while picking up their tools and equipment.

Construction Tents Keep Items Secure

Security is a big issue on construction sites. When everything is left out in the open, people are able to walk up and take what they can, ranging from copper wire all the way to expensive tools and heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes.

Tensioned fabric construction tents give companies the opportunity to set up security systems similar to their own warehouses. Companies can mount motion sensors to scare off potential looters or install complete security systems right on the structures. If anyone tries to break in, the system alerts the authorities.

This type of security is impossible without a building. After all, companies cannot secure open land.

Clearance for Heavy Equipment

Due to the size of some equipment, storage can be difficult for construction companies. Taking equipment into a building without adequate clearance, they run the risk of damaging the building and the equipment.

construction tents

There is no need to worry with a TFS. These clear span structures can house equipment up to 54 feet tall. This allows the crew to take equipment in and out without worrying about having an accident.

Relocatable to Various Construction Sites

People do not stand still for long in the construction industry. They constantly move from one job site to the next and they can take their construction tents with them. The structures can be moved with a crane, available wheels, or to completely new locations by truck.

Along with being easy to move, they are also easy to set up. Construction sites are rarely level, but that is not an issue with these structures. They usually do not require a foundation and they can be installed on almost any surface, making it easier for construction crews to get to work at a new job site.

Long-Term Solution for the Winter

While construction companies move from one job location to the next during the warmer months, they often have to sit still during the winter. Construction tents are durable enough to protect heavy equipment and tools all winter long, without fail.

Companies simply store their equipment and tools in these tents, set up any necessary security systems, and then come back when the ground thaws and they are ready to get back to work. Then, they can keep the tent in the same location or move it to the next job site.

More than Equipment Storage

While many companies utilize tensioned fabric buildings for equipment storage that is only part of what these structures have to offer. Since the modular construction makes them fully customizable, companies can also include break areas and first aid stations for the crew inside the structures.

Separate areas for offices and meeting rooms can also be added. Due to the size of the structures, a company can easily put everything under one roof, giving them the flexibility they need to run their entire crew right from the tensioned fabric structure.

Construction tents are perfect for companies that want to protect their equipment, tools, and employees from looters and the elements. These tensioned fabric buildings have everything construction companies need, from weatherproofing all the way to custom options that allow companies to get exactly what they want in a structure.

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