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Tension fabric building for extra space at tradeshow installation aerial shot

All-Season, All-Purpose Weather Resistant Tension Fabric Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit communities, hospitals and local governments hard as they try to organize a response to a changing situation that comes down to lifesaving actions every day. Among the needs are sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) so that healthcare and frontline workers can be protected; test kits and scalable testing sites for processing testing at large scale to better understand the spread of the virus; supplemental hospital facilities for COVID-19 patients; and space for urgent needs such as homeless shelters to give homeless individuals a safe haven and a place where any health issues can be identified, isolated and treated.

Allsite tension fabric buildings are spacious, versatile, scalable and quickly available solutions for comfortable temporary buildings in any location where they are needed. The highly engineered nature of the structure makes it perfect for complex, long term activities such as medical or lab, housing, reception and processing of the public for testing, or as a storage facility.  The structure’s extruded aluminum curved frame makes it extremely sturdy and stable, as well as airy with a high ceiling and bright white interior walls. The building can be fitted with ventilation such as louvers and vents, HVAC, or even with an air filtration system or reverse air flow to keep the inside air fresh. Because of its advanced modular design, the tension fabric structure can be transported and installed quickly, usually within a week or two of order.

Among the advantages of Allsite tension fabric structures are:

  • Clear span, high clearance interior with no interior columns for ample productive space
  • Durable, stable design for use in any climate or location
  • No foundation required, install on any ground surface
  • Ship and install within 1-2 weeks of order
  • Ventilation options, power and HVAC-ready
  • Weatherproofing options, including insulation and liners
  • Energy efficient design

Testing, Hospital and other Medical Building Use

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Structures are available for delivery for use as temporary testing centers to receive, process and test patients as broader testing ramps up to understand the prevalence of COVID-19 in the general population. They can also be deployed as supplemental hospital buildings, temporary laboratory processing centers, or as remote medical facilities wherever they are needed for uses such as critical care (ICU), or as inpatient or outpatient care centers for non-critical patients. The building can be configured with a range of doors and openings to accommodate a range of needs, such as public entryways or cargo entryways.

Homeless Shelter

During the pandemic, helping homeless people get off the streets and into places that can provide beds, meals and medical screenings is a vital public health activity. Tension fabric buildings are being deployed by municipalities looking for innovative ways to help their homeless residents with a one-stop center for shelter and services. Particularly in communities where affordable housing is scarce, this solution can be made readily available wherever needed, such as on vacant city land. With the wide open interior and high ceilings, there’s plenty of fresh air and space to design and build out multiple services in one space.

Surge Warehouse and Storage

COVID-19’s biggest challenge to date has been to locate and provide sufficient equipment to first responders and healthcare professionals on the front lines. Ventilators, personal protective equipment like gowns, gloves and masks, have been in short supply. However, manufacturers are stepping up and hospitals, clinics and temporary surge sites are looking for ways to store supplies for the expected, and possibly larger, second wave of the virus in the fall. Other surge-related items like beds, cots, biohazard containers and testing supplies are being stockpiled and will have to be readily available when needs arise. Tension fabric structures can be installed and used for temporary or long term storage anywhere they can be useful, without the need for a building foundation. The buildings meet most local building permit requirements.

The buildings are available in sizes ranging from widths of 48ft (15m) to 157ft (48m) and lengths customizable in 16ft (5m) increments. High ceilings and freight and cargo entryway options allow for easy vehicle access.

Allsite Structure Rentals

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Allsite stands ready to assist with the nationwide COVID-19 response with state of the art, advanced design tension fabric buildings that can be deployed on short notice and provide a number of versatile options to solve the space and shelter challenges during the ongoing pandemic response. For more information on our buildings, contact Allsite Structure Rentals today at 888-599-5112.

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