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Temporary doesn’t mean short-lived or fragile when it comes to temporary building structures. These sturdy structures stand the test of time and have a variety of different uses.

Temporary building structures are multi-purpose, portable structures that offer protection under all weather conditions. They are great alternatives to conventional structures and offer some impressive advantages that include quick delivery, portability, and low cost.

temporary building structures

Temporary Building Structures as Garages

Car dealers, automobile auctions, and repair shops are just a few automotive type businesses that have used temporary building structures for garages. The large size of these shelters can house dozens of cars at one time.

Vehicles are instantly protected from bird droppings, dirt, wind, rust, acid rain, sap, hail, snow, and the sun. An instant garage alleviates worry about damage to vehicles.

Garage shelters are designed for quick and easy assemblage. No slabs, footers, or concrete are required.

When rain, wind, snow, or freezing temperatures make it next to impossible to perform vehicle maintenance, temporary building structures as garages can provide a warm shelter away from the inclement weather. Not only are the vehicles protected, but employees are kept happy and healthy.

Large-scale Greenhouses for Cultivation

When businesses need a large-scale solution for indoor growing, temporary building structures step in and provide a climate-controlled environment. They can provide year-round growing and multiple harvests per year.

One rather new use for cultivating in temporary building structures is growing cannabis. With 23 states allowing the sale of medical or recreational marijuana, warehouse space is becoming scarce. Tension fabric buildings are a perfect solution. They can use translucent fabric to allow light in and they are sturdy enough to hold heavy lighting that is required to grow cannabis indoors.

The internal environment can be controlled for the best growing conditions while maintaining a separate environment for the packaging and shipping of the finished product.

From our article regarding cannabis warehouses. Read the complete article here.

Nursery businesses are making use of temporary building structures too. They are an economical solution that can provide seedlings, plants, and flowers to customers. Indoor growing provides harsh element protection. Plants are easily weakened by heavy winds, burning heat, driving rain, and mild frost. Higher yields and healthier vegetation can occur with the use of temporary building structures.

Barn and Farm Storage

Protect animals from the inclement, foul weather with temporary building structures. They can be customized to serve as run in sheds, storage shelters, horse arenas, or housing structures. Temporary building structures are superior alternatives when the cost is considered. Portable housing is easy to build.

Horse shelter canopies or canopies for pigs, cows, goats, and other animals are excellent uses for temporary buildings. The shade protects animals from intense solar radiation. The temporary building structures can be ventilated to protect, and, therefore, improve, the welfare and health of animals by providing a better environment. Healthy, stress-free, and productive livestock result.

Other Uses of Temporary Building Structures

Innovative technology is used in the construction of these multi-use shelters that often offer a better alternative to conventional structures. They have been used as:

  • Boat and RV Storage
  • Workshops
  • Disaster Relief Stations
  • Screen Houses
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Airplane Hangars

Temporary building structures are made from UV-treated fabric. The structural frames have been tested and can withstand severe environmental conditions. They might be temporary…but they’re built to last.

At Allsite Structure Rental, we know all the ins and outs of temporary building structures. Contact us for more information!

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