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Embark on a journey through the extraordinary world of Allsite’s Tension Fabric Structures, where versatility meets innovation. In our ‘Versatile Applications’ category, the Allsite TFS stands as a beacon of adaptable solutions for diverse needs. Let’s explore some of the boundless possibilities these structures unfold:

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: A Class Apart 

Allsite’s TFS, with its unparalleled clear span widths and towering peak heights, emerges as the preeminent choice for high-quality temporary exhibit space. It not only competes but surpasses large span tents, offering a superior option for major US trade shows. The perfect blend of permanence, timelines, and cost-effectiveness awaits. 

  • Homeless Shelters: Quick, Clean, and Compassionate 

Rising to the challenge of homelessness, Allsite provides communities and charities with rapid, clean, and functional spaces for homeless families and individuals. Built without the need for foundations, our TFS structures offer a compassionate solution, available for rental, lease, or purchase. Charities enjoy discounts and volunteer programs for lower-cost installations.

  • Churches: Growing Congregations, Modular Spaces 

Embark on a journey of congregational growth with Allsite’s TFS fabric structures. The unique arched shape, aesthetic appeal, and tensioned fabric membrane create an ideal worship facility. Start small and expand modularly; our long-term rentals adapt to your congregation’s growth, ensuring an uplifting and noise-free worship experience. 

  • Concerts: Creating Unforgettable Events 

For corporate and private functions seeking top-notch event venues, the TFS is unparalleled. Having hosted music legends like The Eagles, Elton John, Celine Dion, and Rod Stewart, it provides a permanent feel to temporary facilities. With its expansive width, high peak height, and tensioned membrane aesthetics, your event will leave a lasting impression. 

Why Rent an Allsite TFS? 

Explore the advantages of choosing Allsite’s TFS for your temporary to permanent structure needs. The spacious interior height, ability to support suspended items, strength in harsh climates, and immediate availability from our vast rental inventory make Allsite TFS the go-to choice. 


Accessories: Tailoring Your Space 

Customize your Allsite TFS experience with a range of accessories, from doors and ventilation options to anchorage solutions, lighting, weatherproofing, and more. Our experienced team, strategic partnerships, and extensive inventory ensure a seamless process from concept to execution. 

When it comes to enclosed spaces, there’s no limit to what Allsite’s TFS can achieve. The Allsite TFS stands as a testament to versatility, quality, and innovation from trade shows to homeless shelters, churches, and concerts. Let’s build extraordinary spaces together! Contact us today and experience the difference! 

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