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Weather is always a concern when it comes to construction. In most parts of the country, rain can slow down a project, while ice or heavy snow can bring it to a complete halt. Perpetually hot and sunny areas pose their own problems, such as sunburn and heat exhaustion.

No matter what kind of inclement weather you’re facing, you can be sure it will cost you in time, money, or employee health. Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS Structures) help provide a solution for smart contractors to cut back on potential losses.

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These sturdy fabric structures create great construction enclosures. Not sure if they’re tough enough? TFS Structures are also used as mining enclosures, remediation structures, and aircraft hangars. They’re even used by the U.S. Military.

Construction Enclosures Keep Projects on Schedule, Rain or Shine

You already know that time is money. Inclement weather eats away at your schedule and budget by delaying both your current project, and the time it takes to start the next one. Bad weather can also postpone payment installments. Even when work is possible on the next day, the site is often less safe than it was before.

Contractual time extensions for construction can be time consuming and costly. Proper notice and details of how exactly the weather affected the work are just two of the headaches involved in receiving time extensions. However, a covered environment provided by a construction enclosure can mediate or even eliminate these problems.

To avoid costly delays, construction enclosures can be erected to cover job sites during all phases of the project. They can be 50’ to 156’ wide, with a peak height of 54’, and virtually no limit in length, making it possible to cover a project that is several stories tall. Tension structures are waterproof and designed to handle high winds and slough off snow.

Commercial or residential, TFS structure construction enclosures offer an efficient solution to keeping a job site covered, regardless of the weather or climate. They cover the area while foundations are being laid in rainy conditions or keep snow off roofs, allowing work to continue unabated.

Tensioned Fabric Structures are Flexible and Fast

The tensioned fabric structure can be erected quickly, with up to 10,000 square feet of installation possible per day. Once installed, the PVC-coated polyester fabric protects against wind, rain, snow, and sun. Allsite’s structures also qualify as a flame-resistant per the California Health & Safety code.

The tensioned fabric structures are brought on site by truck and can be installed on nearly any surface. The strong and flexible aluminum structure does not require a level surface or foundation for installation (within reason).

Because they do not require a foundation, TFS structures can be used early on in a project’s development. Once installed, the construction enclosures can be moved by crane or on wheels, making them flexible solutions for multiple locations on a single job site.

With a number of options available to ensure that the TFS fits the specific needs of the job, the structures offer solutions for a variety of situations. Construction enclosures can be installed with steel overhead doors to allow large equipment to move in and out of the job site. Separate vehicular, cargo, and personnel doors allow easy access for workers and equipment.

How Construction Enclosures Protect Your Assets

Construction shelters do more than just protect a project’s time frame. They also protect your most valuable asset, your crew.

More worksite fatalities are caused by slips and falls than any other reason. Using a TFS can help keep job surfaces dry, reducing slipping hazards.

Not only do tensioned fabric structures create safer environments, they also keep the job site more comfortable. Construction enclosures keep out snow and rain, keeping workers dry and warm, as well as UV rays from the sun, keeping them comfortable in the heat as well.

Wherever your job is taking place, regardless of the time of year or weather, TFS construction enclosures offer a versatile solution to keeping your job site safe and on schedule. To find out how quickly a TFS can be installed on your job site contact Allsite Structure Rentals for a quote.

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