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Protect Your Aircraft with Temporary Fabric Aircraft Hangars from Allsite

As both private and commercial air travel continues to rise in the U.S., the need for aircraft hangars is growing. Quality and safety are critical components in the airline industry and the upkeep of an aircraft is a large part of the safety equation. This is where a fabric aircraft hangar can play a major role.

Allsite tension fabric structure permanent airport hangar with large aircraft and bright lighting

Creating optimal working conditions for aircraft maintenance workers is essential. Subjecting workers to extreme weather elements can slow down work time and affect the quality of work.

A fabric aircraft hangar can create conditions that contribute to a productive work environment while at the same time protecting aircraft, tools, and equipment.

A Fabric Aircraft Hangar to Fit Needs

With a clear span width of up to 156 feet and a peak height of 54 feet, Allsite’s fabric aircraft hangars have the proper vertical space to allow large pieces of equipment, lifts, and other items enough space to operate. These fabric structures can be used to easily house airplanes, helicopters, and other aviation needs.

The design of our Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) allows for maximum flexibility with the placement and size of vehicle access, freight doors, and personnel. In addition, the strong aluminum frame can support HVAC systems, fall arrest systems, lighting, and other heavy items suspended from the frame.

We also offer accessories and packages specifically tailored for aviation warehouse and maintenance facilities.

Allsite has options for clamshell aviation doors, bi-fold doors, or personnel doors to give optimal accessibility. Our weatherproofing choices of either concrete berm, beam flap, or insulation/liner will also insulate the enclosure. For ventilation of the fabric aircraft hangar, clients can choose exhaust fans, louvers, framed openings, HVAC, or a combination of any of these.

Protection Against the Elements for Aircraft and Workers

Fabric aircraft hangars, which can be temporary or semi-permanent, are built to withstand heavy snow and high wind loads so they can be constructed almost anywhere. If a damaged aircraft is being fixed and cannot be moved, we can build the structure around it so it does not incur further damage. Usually, no foundation or asphalt tarmac needed; we are able to build almost anywhere, including very rural areas.

aircraft hangar

One of the biggest complaints among aircraft maintenance crewmembers, in particular, is working in brutally cold conditions at night. With the ability to put climate control in fabric aircraft hangars, aircraft maintenance workers can work comfortably and efficiently without being exposed to the extreme temperatures of winter and summer.

The addition of an adequate lighting system of metal halide lights, translucent fabric, and/or skylight fabric will also help maintenance crews to complete jobs without error. This enables them to stay focused on the job at hand and ensures safety and quality in their work.   Service work can continue at an uninterrupted pace.


A traditional aircraft hangar can be expensive, while a fabric aircraft hangar is a more affordable solution. Energy costs can be significantly lower as insulation in a TFS is far superior to a traditional hangar.

Limited tarmac space is an issue at most small and large airports. A fabric aircraft hangar offers the ability to build to spec with the option to increase order or decrease the size as needed.

Temporary hangars cater to both small and large aircraft owners. If you are an aircraft owner and lease space at a local airport to store and maintain your aircraft, you know the expense involved. It makes economic sense to relocate your hangar when you decide to relocate your aircraft. Our fabric aircraft hangars can be deconstructed and relocated in a matter of days or weeks.


The FAA maintains strict guidelines in regard to aircraft safety and maintenance. Airplane passenger safety is of the utmost importance so it is equally important that the airplanes that are carrying them are properly maintained. Creating a comfortable and safe working environment for aircraft maintenance crews will translate to safer aircraft travel.

Ensure that your aircraft maintenance crew can get the job done properly with a fabric aircraft hangar. For more information click here or call us at 888.599.5112. Our experienced project managers can help create a design solution that fits your airport or aircraft’s needs.

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