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If you love to swim, or are involved in a swimming team or club, you know that being able to swim year-round is simply not possible with an outdoor pool. Weather conditions can make it virtually impossible to use the pool for days, weeks, or even months at a time. With a fabric building structure, you maximize the number of days a pool can be used.

Communities, schools, swimming complexes, and aquatic clubs can benefit from being able to use their pools regardless of the weather. A fabric building structure is a smart choice when considering enclosing a pool. These enclosures can be constructed quickly and efficiently, enabling a community or club to allow their members the ability to swim comfortably any time of year.

swimming pool fabric building structure

Superior Design of a Fabric Building Structure

The durable frame of a fabric building structure is built with aircraft grade aluminum. It resists rust and corrosion so the humidity and moisture from the pool will not have any effect. The available translucent walls and skylights let natural light in, making it an ideal swimming atmosphere.

One concern with pools in an enclosed area is humidity levels. The ventilation options available on a fabric building structure of exhaust fans, louvers, or HVAC will ensure that the pool area stays well ventilated.

The option of retractable sidewalls provides the ability to change the structure in warmer weather to allow air in to naturally ventilate the area while still providing abundant shade.


Depending on the climate where you are and the time of year, adding the fabric building structure alone may provide you with enough heat to not have to rely on any additional pool heating. Fabric building structures trap the heat of the day within their walls and can aid in reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature.

The amount of pool chemicals may also be reduced. The sun’s rays are one of the main reasons chlorine is required for pools. By blocking out some of the UV rays with the fabric building structure, significantly less chlorine is necessary.

Increased Revenue

Many community pools, especially in areas with four distinct seasons, are only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, a span of only a few months.   The ability to keep the pool open for the entire year equates to increased revenue in membership or rental opportunities.

Swim teams and clubs will be able to use the pool for practice before and beyond the summer competition months. Exercise swim classes and lessons can be held at any time, day or evening. Since the fabric building structure comes with lighting options, swimmers are able to enjoy the pool during non-daylight hours, a big plus in the winter when the sun goes down in the late afternoon.

Being able to host children’s birthday parties and open swim hours in the winter provide an additional source of revenue during a time when no income would normally be generated.


Filtering and cleaning a pool, especially a large one, can be a considerable expense. By having a fabric building structure enclosing a pool, it can remain significantly cleaner. Dirt, dust, rainwater, leaves and insects will have a harder time finding their way into your pool. This will also reduce the time and money associated with maintaining the pool.

As a result, less chemicals may be needed for the pool resulting in less time balancing the pH levels of the pool water. Just imagine spending considerably less time skimming, vacuuming, and cleaning the filters. In addition, there is no need to winterize and then reopen the pool.

Safety and Security

While a pool is mostly associated with fun, it can pose a drowning hazard, especially for young children and animals. Placing a fabric building structure around a pool is an effective way to prevent injury and accidents and keep unwanted animals from entering the pool area at night. You can have peace of mind that the pool area is secure.

Visit our website here to learn more about how Allsite can make your pool enjoyable year-round. Or you can call us at 888.599.5112 and our team of experts can help you maximize your pool’s use. We can have your fabric building structure delivered and installed in just a few weeks.

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