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liquid natural gas (LNG) processing plant by night with view of holding tanks and transport trucks

If you ask any oil and gas field worker, they’ll tell you that being exposed to the elements is one of the toughest parts of the job. Baking heat in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, and burning winds wear out workers, slow the work, and make the job harder. Equipment takes a hit and downtime costs money.  Oil and gas field operations and LNG processors need quick and easy solutions for indoor workspace. Allsite has the solution in fabric building structures. Strong, durable and spacious enough for workers and equipment, an open span fabric building provides the cover you need when and where you need it most. Here’s a quick look at how a dependable Allsite tension fabric structure can help solve your LNG processing site temporary structure needs.

Fabric Building Structures Provide for Indoor Workspace in the Field

As new gas fields come on line, your company wants to be in the right position to move quickly. Getting up and running and being able to extract, process and deliver natural gas to market is a priority. Because of the remote location and extreme climate, however, you may have trouble finding and installing reliable indoor workspace for activities like initial survey and lab facilities, equipment storage and maintenance, or field crew living, dining and medical facility space.

Once drilling begins, your team needs a sturdy relocatable structure as field headquarters, setting up the rigs while having access to sheltered and comfortable working areas inside the fabric structure. Once extraction operations begin, you may need additional space to house equipment for processing the condensate into liquefied natural gas to transport out. There’s plenty of space under the engineered fabric structure for your high and low pressure separators, coolers and compressors to operate smoothly for years to come. Once the field is tapped out, return your rental buildings, or simply relocate your fabric building quickly to the next job site.

Fabric Building Systems Protect Workers and Equipment

oil, gas or mining temporary fabric structure

Extreme weather is hard on workers and equipment. Severe heat and cold affect your schedule and crew, and may even lead to mistakes and accidents. At the same time, your equipment requires some level of protection if it’s going to achieve optimal performance. Our engineered fabric structure provides workspace that is protected from the elements and can be heated or cooled. Built with strong and corrosion-proof, extruded aluminum framing and tough, damage resistant PVC fabric, our highly stable fabric building system withstands extreme weather, including high winds, rain and snowstorms.  Tough and damage resistant, these buildings are designed to deliver decades of reliable performance in any environment.

Affordable Fabric Structure Solution Helps Control LNG Field Costs

Everyone knows that oil and gas markets are up one day and down the next. Keeping your operation running lean is vital to reducing your overhead and improving profitability. Buying building structures for field operations can mean a long term commitment at sites with limited viable value, and can significantly cut into profitability. That’s why Allsite offers rental or lease options for our high-quality fabric structures. Order them as you need them and return when you’re done. No capital investment, quick installation and deinstallation, and affordable terms.

Install Fabric Building Structures Anywhere They’re Needed

Some fabric building companies only rent structures in their general vicinity. Allsite structures can be shipped and installed anywhere, worldwide. No matter where your LNG processing project is located, we can get you the structure you need. Even better, our fabric building structures go up rapidly, allowing you to get underway as quickly as possible. They have a rugged aluminum alloy frame that bears high wind load, and handles heavy snow, ice and heat. Structures come in a number of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your project. Our large structures are available from 48′ to 157′ (15 m to 48 m) wide, peak heights up to 54′ tall (16.45 m) and can be extended as long as you need them to go. They can be installed on any terrain with a number of anchoring options that fit the situation.

Fabric Building Structures For Every Stage of the Process

oil and gas temporary structure

But what about the work your crew needs to perform before the processing stage? The engineered tension fabric buildings we rent are suitable for survey, drilling and extraction operations. Fabric structures are widely versatile and require virtually no maintenance to remain effective.

By using fabric structures to provide cover for your crew and equipment, your crew and equipment will be able to work more efficiently to better meet deadlines and production goals, whatever the weather. With the ups and downs in the energy market, you don’t want to be stuck with a long-term equipment investment that you may not need five or ten years down the line. Allsite provides you with fabric building structures solutions for safe and reliable temporary building needs in the field, no matter where you have to go. Please feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help meet your building needs for LNG processing operations.

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