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If fabric buildings sound like a completely unlikely type of structure, then read on. Many industries take advantage of these sturdy structures to aid in their business processes. Fabric buildings are a bright, functional, customizable, and beautiful solution for many structural needs. Superior engineering results in strong, long-lasting buildings.

Fabric Buildings for Commercial Storage Needs

Fabric buildings are expertly engineered, versatile solutions to commercial storage needs. The buildings are engineered to stand the test of time while keeping workers safe. The height of these buildings allows multiple shelves to be used – maximizing use of space.

Oil and Gas and Mining Industries

Different building types are easily customizable to meet the needs of the gas and oil mining industry. The buildings are deployed quickly and are transportable. Engineers design the fabric buildings for the best in safety, endurance, and strength. Fire-retardant fabric adds to the safety factor, keeping employees safe and equipment functioning.

Energy temporary structure


The fabric buildings are a cost-effective warehousing operation option. An airy interior and loads of natural light offer a work environment that needs no daytime lighting. The need for internal beams or posts is eradicated with the use of free-span trusses. Storage space is maximized.

Although temporary warehouse rental probably cannot solve all of your warehousing needs, it can give you the extra space that makes your organization more efficient and able to do its job when it is needed.

From our article here about temporary warehouse rental.

Heavy Equipment Storage

No matter what needs to be stored, fabric buildings maximize storage area with a free-span open concept. Equipment like backhoes, drills, road and highway equipment, and excavators are protected from the elements. The structures are expandable and take little time to install. The fabric buildings can grow as storage needs increase.

Construction Enclosures Trucks

Agriculture and Farming

Maintenance costs are kept low with fabric buildings built to last for a fractional cost of wood or concrete block buildings. The buildings can house farm equipment, harvested crops, or be a multi-purpose storage area. Fabric buildings quickly add more barns and storage for farms.

Dairy Barns

The bright, airy interiors create well-ventilated, calm, healthy environments to house herds. Studies have shown that increased light exposure almost immediately increases milk production. Fabric buildings are ideal alternatives to traditional dark steel and wood barns.

Translucent fabric lets natural light in and fabric buildings are sturdy enough to handle heavy lighting equipment for supplemental lighting.

Hay Storage

The proven engineering of fabric buildings means protection of hay is ensured. Ventilation and natural light create an ideal environment for work and keeping equipment, hay, and other agricultural products sheltered from the weather.

Recreation and Sports

Multi-functional fabric buildings with natural lighting bring the outdoors inside. Regardless of the game, the fun can be brought indoors and protect participants and spectators from the elements. Fabric building engineers customize buildings with specific sports needs in mind. The structures have housed hockey rinks, soccer facilities, riding arenas, tennis courts, and BMX bike parks.

The fabric building’s natural light captures the outdoors while participants are protected from inclement weather. Buildings that need fully covered ice pads, pro-sized tennis courts, or space for highflying bike tricks can be designed. Center poles are not needed in the free-span interiors. Space is optimized to allow participants to play out their passions.


Fabric buildings have been used for rocking concert spaces and county fair covered food courts. The buildings offer the flexibility to entertain in a fabric building engineered to ensure crowd safety. The bright, airy, free-span interiors are well ventilated to create comfortable spaces for indoor events.

Fabric buildings are customizable to meet any industry’s unique design requirements. They can be used for nearly any application. Varying widths accommodate most any event and lengths are unlimited because of the modular design.

Humanitarian Efforts

A noble use of fabric buildings is as humanitarian relief centers. Sleeping quarters, dining halls, maintenance structures, mobile shelters, temporary housing, emergency medical centers, and Hazmat containment are all buildings that have been installed as part of disaster relief missions.

At Allsite Structures we keep you covered for a variety of different industries. Our fabric buildings are built to last – whether your use is temporary or permanent. Contact us now. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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