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The use of Temporary Fabric Structures (TFS) as pool enclosures is increasing.  Whether at a municipality, private aquatic club, or school, a fabric pool building enables swimmers to enjoy their sport all year long.

versatile fabric pool enclosure

These economical enclosures are more cost-effective than traditional indoor sports facilities, yet offer the same amenities and features. Competitive swimming teams in particular benefit greatly from being able to practice and compete year-round.

Year-Round Swimming with a Custom Fabric Pool Enclosure

Swimming is an activity that requires warm temperatures and no precipitation. Once the weather turns colder or a rainy season arrives, swimming times are cut drastically short in many areas of the country.  With a fabric pool enclosure, you can continue to swim all year round.

A TFS can make swim programs to your community available even when the weather is not cooperative. The investment made in a pool enclosure can be paid back with the revenue generated from poolside events.

Swim Team Advantages

When you are limited in the amount of time you are able to practice a sport, improvement is slow to occur.  Swim teams and clubs will be able to use the pool for practice long before and beyond the summer competition months.  In addition, swim teams will be able to compete in winter leagues.

Many cities regularly receive over 40 inches of rain annually. This is an unnecessary interruption to scheduled swimming practices and meets, especially during the spring and summer when showers are often more prevalent. Enclosing a pool results in fewer delays and cancellations.

swimmers inside fabric building

At the university level, pool enclosures can be adapted to create a fully functioning swimming complex for competitive meets.  Locker rooms with dressing areas, bleachers for family and friends, concession stands, and training/stretching areas can all be housed inside a fabric pool enclosure.

Pool Enclosure Design Benefits

Because our fabric buildings are built with a rugged aluminum frame, they will not rust or corrode due to chlorine or other chemicals.  Ventilation options can also help reduce the humidity and moisture that an indoor swimming facility produces. Exhaust fans, louvers, and HVAC systems can help control the pool environment and prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Our optional translucent fabric will block out harmful UV rays, while allowing enough sunlight o create a bright interior. With them installed, occupants can swim safely without being sunburned, a constant concern during summer months. The side walls can even be removed during warmer weather, providing ventilation while keeping your pool shaded and protected.

With practically no maintenance required after installation, a fabric pool enclosure is a great choice for cities, schools, and organizations concerned about their budget.

Increasing Revenue Generation with more Activities

For municipalities considering a fabric structure pool enclosure, the opportunity to generate revenue is almost endless. Without being limited to the fair weather days, poolside activities can be offered continuously throughout the year, including evening hours. Available lighting options enable a pool to be used hours before the sun rises and after sunset.

In addition, children’s birthday parties can be held at the aquatic center on weekends.  Swimming is a great form of exercise, with classes in the pool providing source of revenue. Many senior citizens these classes: this older demographic is another great target market for increasing profits.

The ability to keep the pool open for the entire year equates to increased revenue in membership or rental opportunities.

From our article, A Fabric Building Structure for Swimming Pools.

Safety and Security

Safety is always a concern for a pool or pool complex owner.  A pool enclosure is one of the best ways to ensure that the pool area remains secure and unwanted visitors are kept out, creating a barrier for both people and animals.

If you need building solutions for swimming year-round, contact Allsite Structure Rentals today and we can help guide you through the process.  You can call us at 888.599.5112 or visit our website here for more information. Our TFS structures are available for purchase or rent.

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