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How Allsite’s Tensioned Fabric Structures Can Improve Temporary Storage Space

Unexpected market swings, changes in product specs or a surge in special orders can leave you with excess inventory storage problems. Excess inventory situations can slow inventory turnover and run up management costs, creating headaches for you and your team. Keeping the cost and impact of these situations under control is a challenge on many fronts, including finding the right storage space, fast.

Allsite’s tension fabric storage buildings provide a convenient, quick, cost-effective storage solution to your inventory woes, supplying the space and operating flexibility needed to manage your inventory, facilitating everything from storage to staging, handling and delivery.

How Temporary Storage Buildings Can Ease The Challenges of Inventory Management

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Whatever the cause, when excess inventory takes up valuable floor space in your warehouse facilities, it can cause disruption in the normal flow of activities and impact your bottom line. Loss of selling, packing or prepping space, and expenses such as rent, utilities, and labor make excess inventory more costly than you might think. To clear out excess inventory, companies may resort to discounting the undesirable products, in some cases to prices lower than what they bought them for.  Either way, excess inventory poses a financial challenge to organizations who seek solutions that are cost-effective and provide relief to inventory management teams coping with the logistics challenges.

What Causes Excess Inventory?

Many factors can result in excess inventory. A company may overestimate the demand for a new product. A new product release can turn a trendy item into yesterday’s news. An unseasonably warm winter or hot summer can impact sales for equipment from snow blowers to agricultural machinery.  Changes in commodity markets may impact demand for raw materials or oil drilling equipment. New laws and regulations and product recalls can also leave you with a stock of unmovable product.

Whatever the cause, excess inventory problems may be short term or long term, they may be minor or severe, intentional, due to planned growth or unintentional, and slated for quick corrective action. Your team and your budget need a solution and an action plan. One piece of this is physical storage space.

Should You Invest in Extra Storage Space?

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Whether storage is for a temporary excess related to extra shipments, or an expected seasonal return of demand, or it’s long term for goods and supplies that exceed existing warehouse capacity, it’s important to have a plan in place for storage space for the extra stock on hand.  If your facility is handicapped by lack of space, whether for a matter of months or even years, it’s time to find a solution that can keep operations flowing normally.

Traditional warehouses are a great solution for long term storage needs. Permanent buildings are a capital real estate investment best suited to your long term strategic plan, and they may not solve a short term or temporary problem. And a building lease may take months to locate and negotiate a deal, and the lease term will likely span a number of years. And the building may be located far from your current warehouse facility or factory floor, adding transportation and handling costs to the problem.

A better solution to your immediate extra storage needs is a temporary building on your own site, one that is quick to install and does not require a foundation or other special preparation. That solution is a tension fabric storage structure by Allsite.

The Versatility of Tension Fabric Storage Buildings

Allsite’s tension fabric storage buildings are designed to serve as a reliable alternative to traditional buildings. Available in a number of sizes and configurations, the structures feature a PVC membrane fabric stretched over a highly engineered extruded aluminum frame to provide a sturdy, all-weather, versatile building solution to your storage problems. The temporary structure can be in place within a few weeks of your order. It can be installed virtually wherever you need it to be, including on pavement, turf, or almost any surface, without the need for a building foundation. The innovative and efficient fabric building design helps minimize your extra storage footprint while maximizing interior volume, providing a distinct advantage over permanent storage structures. The clear span structure has ample interior space and height to accommodate shelving, equipment and your store excess inventory. It can also be used to conduct other business activities, such as staging, shipping/receiving or facilities operations.

an image of a Man working in warehouse on computer inside a tension fabric building

Our tension fabric buildings are modular and easy to transport wherever you need them, quick to install, and they are relocatable, accommodating your changing warehouse needs and conditions as they arise. Along with their operational versatility, our structures are built tough enough to withstand extreme temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain and snow, and other extreme weather conditions. Allsite’s tension fabric structures offer a number of customizable options to meet your unique needs. Steel overhead doors, fabric cargo doors, and personnel doors let you divide your space for various activities. Ventilation options include HVAC, exhaust fans, louvers, and framed openings. Lighting and power options can be configured to suit your needs. Insulation, skylights and other adaptations to climate and location are available.

The advantages of a tension fabric storage building to house your excess inventory or other work space needs are many and include:

  • Quick installation and removal; quickly have extra warehouse space on site
  • Relocatable for use wherever it’s needed, without long-term commitment
  •  Use as temporary production capacity expansion during construction or refurbishment projects
  • Low-cost, budget-friendly solution to warehousing
  • Available as a tax-friendly operating lease
  • Avoids the risks of commitment to capital investment in a permanent building
  • Versatile and adaptable to create the perfect extra space you need

Cost-Effective Fabric Storage Building Lease

Allsite’s tension fabric structures are an economical alternative to permanent warehousing. Available as a rental or flexible operating lease, your tensioned fabric building is there when you need it, helping you manage the costs and problems of excess inventory situations. Easily installed on your site, you eliminate the need for long trips, and quick setup and removal will helps keep your facility on track. No zoning issues or no complex depreciation calculations; just a cost-effective solution to excess inventory management.

Allsite’s team of professional technicians can help relieve your excess inventory storage headaches with a tension fabric building that meets your warehousing needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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