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Aerial view of Fabritecture Podium fabric structure that one 2018 design award

Fabritecture Wins Two 2018 IFAI International Achievement Awards

Fabric architectural design is a challenging and exciting field, allowing dedicated professionals to achieve amazing results when skill, creativity and advanced materials are combined to create unique and stunning architectural solutions. Allsite’s sister company, Fabritecture, headquartered in Australia, and also with offices here in Las Vegas, achieved this goal, receiving two 2018 IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) Awards of Excellence. As part of the Alexander Pacific family of companies, we know well that their work is exceptional. So we at Allsite are pleased that the industry has recognized them once again for these two exceptional projects. We’d like to share a bit about the projects and Fabritecture’s design process with you.

Capital Square Podium

Fabritecture Podium fabric structure ground view

Capital Square Podium is part of a three office tower sustainable development in downtown Perth, Australia. Fabritecture was contracted to design a cluster of shade structures to grace the employee patio area on the rooftop terrace of the Podium building. They chose to offer a cluster of round fabric structures consisting of mesh shade cloth and hammered metal rings, lit by a system of integrated LED lights that, together, day or night, provide a stunning architectural highlight to the modern building. Designed to enhance the play of sunlight on the rooftop, the circular structures were constructed with a unique rafter system of platework and architectural cutouts that allow the structures to show their remarkable architectural beauty from all angles. A special metallic paint gives the structures a futuristic look for a stunning visual effect from ground level as well as from the towers above. Needless to say, the customer is very pleased with the result.

Oran Park Library

Fabritecture Oran Park Library ETFE Fabric Structure building facade

The second 2018 IFAI award was received for a public redevelopment project completed for Oran Park, New South Wales, Australia. Fabritecture was contracted to design and install the facade of the new Oran Park Library building, which was to be an ETFE artwork design that would allow ample light into the building and also act to deflect solar rays to help keep the west-facing building cool. The visual effect of the dual layer ETFE fabric cushions, installed at 3 meters from the building to enhance cooling efficiency, was enhanced with alternating, specially formulated gold, red and yellow colors, adding a colorful and eye-popping look to the building’s facade.

The installation of the individual fabric cushions was quite complex as they had to be inflated and connected to each other in a way that allowed for the ducting of air downward as part of the system’s cooling function. The framing is steel and the plenum, the main duct work, runs along the top of the structure, allowing the visual impact of the cushion effect to be optimized. The Oran Park community is thrilled to have this exceptional piece of artwork gracing their new library building.

Fabritecture also earned six awards at the 2018 LSAA Design Awards, for the Oran Park and Capital Square projects, as well as four others.

Fabric Architecture Provides Innovative Solutions

Alllsite tension fabric structure

One of the most satisfying aspects of working in the fabric architecture field is understanding the unlimited possibilities that fabric presents for providing both aesthetic and practical solutions for a wide range of building needs. Today’s architectural fabrics are durable, flexible, energy-efficient and cost effective. They can be used in place of more traditional and less versatile materials, such as concrete and wood. They are faster and easier to construct and deconstruct, making them ideal for both permanent and temporary installations. Because they can be fabricated in almost any configuration and paired with quality building materials like high grade aluminum and steel, fabric structures are incredibly adaptable, and can provide the perfect solution for unusual problems. Whether you’re designing for a unique artistic addition to traditional architecture, or building for functionality, like covering an existing structure, building over water or on a ship, providing shelter in an extreme climate, or just need extra factory space in a hurry, a modern tension fabric structure can be the answer.

Allsite is proud of our sister company, Fabritecture, whose designs and excellent workmanship, continue to win industry awards year after year. In our own corner of the industry, providing high quality tension fabric structures for use in many different industries, we take the same pride in our ability to deliver great service and solutions to our clients in the US, Canada and abroad. Please contact us if you would like more information on a high quality tension fabric building solution for your project.

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