All Weather Fabric Structure Advantages

Allsite fabric structure with open bay doors and retractable cargo door

All-weather fabric structures are built to last

Our fabric structure buildings are semi-permanent to permanent structures built to withstand the harshest environment and last for decades.

The all-weather fabric structure are highly engineered to be sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant. Fabric structures have the ability to provide long-term solutions for a variety of different industries, adding significant benefits to those who work in them and the bottom line of those who lease or own them.

Advantages of Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS), and how you can benefit from Allsite's products.

Protect Your People

Whatever is happening outside, and whatever the climate in your project location, TFS stand strong so everyone inside can do their jobs, enjoy the game, do maintenance on aircraft or automobiles, or whatever it is that's taking place under the roof of the clear span fabric structure.

Protect Your Investments

Whether you're housing your airplane, your industrial equipment, your construction vehicles or your inventory, Allsite Tension Fabric Structures can withstand almost any types of weather conditions. They also come with HVAC and ventilation options to keep interior conditions comfortable.

All-weather TFS also shed snow loads, block harmful UV rays, and withstand even the strongest winds.

Garage Doors
Glass Doors

Customize your Fabric Structure for Added Value

With a wide variety of accessories and other options available, each TFS can be customized to the customer's application and exact needs. From a choice in freight doors to a variety of personnel doors, entrances and access are adaptable to your needs. There are choices in ventilation, louvres, HVAC systems, retractable walls, and more.

You may also choose to have your TFS insulated, built with translucent walls and roof for extra daylight, or add skylights allowing even more natural light to come through.

And it doesn't stop there. Check out more TFS accessories here.

Your Fabric Structure Building Up and Running Fast

Fabric structures are built strong, but they also go up fast. That is because they can be shipped quickly on flatbed trucks. The lightweight framework is made of aircraft grade aluminum, known for its superior strength and light weight.

Shipping Truck

The PVC-coated architectural fabric can also be shipped on trucks, which means they are ready and at your site quickly, when you need them to be there.

Traditional construction takes months, whereas a TFS can go up in a matter of days.

Contain Your Project within a Sturdy Fabric Structure

Remediation professionals love TFS because they can proceed with work in an enclosed and private setting, and the mess is contained. TFS are good public relations, too: community appreciates containment during sensitive, messy, ugly projects.

Remediation Buidling

For projects that have confidential or classified information, a TFS is a perfect option. It can hide sensitive material from a new technology such as military drone testing or training, or proving grounds for vehicles, etc.

Relocate the TFS with Ease/Flexibility

Another advantage is fabric structures are relocatable. That means as business grows and your needs change, so does your structure.

If there is a need to access different areas in your location crane lifting can be used to move the structure to those areas. Our wheel systems are used to cover areas that equipment would normally not be able to access underneath the structure, such as the top of a house or swimming pool.

If your business relocates our structures are so lightweight (and still remarkably sturdy) that we can fit over 15,000 square feet on one truck.

Need to add or subtract to fabric structures? All we need to do is ship out extra arches and add to the current set up, moving the gable wall in the process. You certainly would not be able to do that with a traditional building. It is much easier than having to knock down a permanent wall to expand.

Downsizing is just as easy. Simply remove the sections you no longer need and ship it back, taking that portion of the structure off the rental.

Build an Attractive Exhibit Environment at Trade Shows

Fabric structures are designed to be tough, but they also happen to be attractive. The white interior allows for light to bounce around the interior space for a natural, daylight ambiance.

trade show fabric structure

The tall clear span and wide expanse create an open, airy feel to the interior, which is ideal for trade shows. The design allows for the maximum number of exhibitors without feeling overcrowded.

Promote Worksite Safety

On construction sites, there is often a push to stay on schedule despite the weather. There is also a push to rush the work if you get behind schedule. Both scenarios can sometimes lead to unsafe working conditions.

With a TFS, work can continue in spite of the weather. It can snow, rain, or hail but work continues under a sturdy roof that repels water, sheds snow, and shields workers from the sun.

Be Green with a Reusable Fabric Structure

TFS eliminate a lot of the construction waste that is generated during typical traditional building methods. Materials are often reused, and there is no need for groundbreaking since TFS do not require a foundation.

Our structures are made to be reusable.  Not only is the construction waste next to nothing, when the structure is done, simply pack it up and use it at another location. If you chose not to reuse there is a good market for reselling the structure or you can even recycle it. With the frame being aluminum there is a high scrap value.

There is generally not a need for site preparation. Our structures do not require a foundation as long as the ground is somewhat level and graded.

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