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Whether you’re currently in the marijuana market or you’re positioning yourself for entering that market down the line, using fabric structures for cannabis cultivation can do great things for your business.

fabric structures for cannabis cultivation

Allsite Can Help You Be Ready for Anything

Greenhouse grown cannabis is a booming market, producing some of the highest quality product in the nation and developing a reputation rivaling that of indoor brick and mortar grown cannabis. Demand can blossom overnight and you want to be ready to expand quickly.

As you are about to see, tensioned fabric structure (TFS) engineering allows for quick install and modification, lease terms are fully accommodating to help you be nimble, and you can even relocate your structure whenever and wherever you like.

Here are several more ways fabric structures for cannabis cultivation can help your business flourish.

Fabric Structures for Cannabis Cultivation are Easily Expandable

Allsite’s tensioned fabric structures (TFS) allow for fast expansion of your greenhouse square footage because they go up easily and quickly. While we can’t make promises because every site is different, expansion should be able to happen within days or weeks.

We can expand an existing TFS without any interruption to ongoing activities, too. That means production continues uninterrupted as we prepare your new greenhouse space.

Our Huge Inventory Means Fast Mobilization When You Need It

Allsite maintains an impressive inventory. That means when you call us for your initial TFS or for expansion, your new TFS is at your site within days.

How do we do that? The structure consists of aluminum framework and PVC-coated polyester fabric which is extremely light. This means you can fit more sq. ft. on a truck saving time and money.

When timing is everything, as it is in the rapidly developing medical marijuana market, choosing TFS over steel or traditional construction can save you tons of valuable time.

Modular Design Means Different Sections for Different Growth Periods

Cannabis plants require different lighting at different stages of their growth. The hours of darkness and light must be manipulated to mirror the outdoor growth environment.

Allsite’s fabric structures can help with this in two different ways. We can easily create dividers to separate rooms for different lighting needs. And secondly, our fabric options mean we can provide opaque (black out material) and translucent fabric. Our accessories and options include skylights and ductwork for humidity and climate control.

Limit Your Risk with Flexible Lease Terms

We know cannabis entrepreneurs are forging new ground every single day. With new proposed regulations, legislation in the pipelines of both state and federal governments, and public relations battles in every district, it’s a volatile market… but also an exciting business where success can mean explosive growth as well as profits.

While the ground shifts beneath you, it’s good to know that your TFS facility comes with flexible leasing terms. Start with a lease that lasts just a few months. Then as your business expands, you may choose to extend the lease or purchase your TFS outright.

Traditional construction or rented warehouse space options do not offer cannabis growers this level of flexibility with expansion and lease terms. Locking yourself into a long lease without the ability to expand does not leave you with many choices.

Ideal Structures for “Growth Industries”

Another way Allsite’s fabric structures for cannabis cultivation are ideal is that they can easily accommodate heavy loads on the infrastructure. The strong frames are built to carry industrial loads, like the weight of:

  • substantial lighting systems
  • drip irrigation systems
  • misting systems
  • sprinkler systems
  • rain harvesters
  • duct work
  • hydroponic framework
  • climate control mechanisms
  • humidity control equipment

Want to know more? Allsite can tell you everything you need to know about fabric structures for cannabis cultivation, just give us a call. 

Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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