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If you are thinking of starting an animal boarding business or expanding one that you already own, you know that well cared for animals are the main objective. Fabric tension structures help protect animals and help simplify their care.

Animal owners care greatly about the well-being of their animals so providing a quality atmosphere at a boarding facility is imperative.

If you want to own a horse, but do not have enough land for him, boarding is the next best option. With average boarding rates of $500-$700 per month per horse, owning an animal boarding facility can be a very lucrative business.

Boarding facilities also can provide breeding services, riding facilities, riding lessons, and horse training.

Source: PennState Extension

Fabric tension structures are perfect for boarding animals such as dogs or horses. It is a more practical solution than a traditional building or barn because it can be custom designed to fit your business and the specific needs of the animals that you will be boarding.

Climate Controlled for Animal Comfort in Fabric Tension Structures

The level and quality of comfort that you will be providing for the animals is vital to their owners. Fabric tension structures are equipped to support an HVAC system, keeping the facility climate controlled.

During cold months, animals will remain warm and dry with weatherproofing choices of concrete berm, beam flap, or insulation/liner. In warm months, animals will stay cool and comfortable.

Traditional Barns vs. Fabric Tension Structures

Compared to a traditional barn or stable, fabric tension structures are more energy-efficient, reducing the costs of operating your business. They are also easy to maintain and clean thanks to their aluminum frame and high grade coated fabric.

Constructing fabric tension structures takes place in a matter of days or weeks, as compared to months or years when building a traditional structure. They can be built on almost any surface, usually without the need of a foundation, another pricey cost of construction.

Separate Boarding Areas

The ability to board smaller animals in single or double enclosures is very appealing to some customers. Some clients with multiple pets prefer that they be boarded together, to give them a sense of security and familiarity, while some prefer a single area for their animal.

fabric tension structures

If different species are going to be boarded, they can also be housed separately. Larger animals, such as horses, can be boarded according to age, or nutrient requirements for easier monitoring of their health.

If an animal becomes sick and requires treatment, a separate section can be designated in the fabric tension structures. This will help ensure the rest of the animals remain at a safe distance. The ill animal will be able to rest and get well, in addition to being able to be seen by a veterinarian if necessary, without affecting the other animals.

A separate area for feeding, grooming, and training can also be created. A play area, riding arena, or dog runs will assist animals in getting their exercise. Being able to offer these extras make your boarding facility more attractive and are easily accomplished with Allsite’s clear span design.

Safety and Security

Maintaining animal safety and security is another critical aspect of boarding. One of the most common issues with boarding animals is stress on the animal with a new routine. The fabric material of our enclosures helps to absorb sound, creating a considerably quieter environment for the animals. This is especially beneficial for animals that make a lot of noise, for example dogs.

On the other hand, horses are particularly sensitive to sounds. For example, the sound of rain or sleet on a barn’s tin roof can be bothersome to some horses, but with a tension fabric structures, outside noises are lessened. This helps horses remain calm and easier to train and ride.

Adequate Ventilation and Lighting

One of the most important factors that prospective clients will evaluate is the cleanliness of the facility. The ability to ventilate the fabric tension structures will aid in cutting down on animal odor. The available translucent fabric will keep the space light, and at the same time, reduce lighting costs.

At Allsite, we are ready to help you construct fabric tension structures for your animal boarding business in a short period of time. Contact us today to get all of your questions about these enclosures answered by our team of experts. Call us now at 888.599.5112 to get started.

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