Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s About Allsite & the TFS

It depends on the size of the structure and how long you rent it

How much does it cost to rent a structure?

Rental is the economical option most clients select for short term to mid-term enclosure needs. Long term uses (3 years plus) may be better suited to purchase if the capital cost is not prohibitive. In some cases (i.e. sports facilities) Allsite offers unique long-term lease programs for clients who do not own the land and want a cash flow alternative.

The cost to rent is monthly based on square footage and can be reduced through firm contract period rentals. All rentals can be extended on a moth to month basis.

Typical six-month rental periods can be as little as $3.50/sq ft for the structure which is usually less than most tent rental alternatives.

What sizes are available?

Standard widths are found in the drawings located on this site starting at 66’ (20m) wide. The structures are modular, so length is indefinite but must be at least 32’. Custom sizes are available up to 320’ wide.

How quickly can you deliver the structure?

Typically, within three weeks of receipt of the deposit, however expedited delivery can be made upon request for emergency applications.

Can you provide a turn-key installation and removal?

Yes – turnkey installations and dismantles are available. However, on union sites or to reduce installation costs, Allsite also offers professional technical representatives that can direct client supplied equipment and local labor in both the installation and removal of an Allsite TFS structure.

What type of accessories does Allsite provide?

Allsite TFS rented structures come supplied standard with single steel personnel doors per code for egress and exit. Additional 14’ x 16’roll-up cargo doors can be added in any location. For aircraft or large access, we offer both Clamshell style doors and large sliding fabric doors. Custom and bi-fold doors are also available upon request.

Allsite carries a number of application specific accessories for crane lifting, wheel assemblies, lighting, hanging, ventilation, fans etc., all on a rental basis and available from inventory.

Standard options include lights, doors, and ventilation. We have a number of specialty accessories as well.

Do you provide HVAC?

Allsite can provide complete environmental control for heat, AC, air filtration and all other comfort or containment requirements.

Will I need to get a building permit for the structure?

Permits (Fire Permits) are typically required for all tent rental applications of any size and shape. You should inquire with your local building department as to the regulations in your area if you wish to exceed the parameters of your local Fire Code. Most areas allow temporary building permits for use of fabric structures for up to six months with extension possibility in certain cases.

Do you provide an engineering package for a building permit?

Yes, we provide a structural calculation packages with each structure for a fee if required and can provide site specific engineering packages to the requirements and location of the project upon request.

Are the tents re-locatable?

Absolutely! Allsite structures are designed to easily be relocated and re-used multiple times. The pieces are modular so configurations can also be changed.

Can you move the structure to multiple locations on a jobsite?

We can move the structure using a crane and lifting the structure into place, a skid system by dragging the structure into place or wheel system that works like a train on a rail.

Do you sell fabric structures?

Yes. We sell and rent our structures. Reconditioned structures are available immediately from stock and new structures can be delivered in 90 days from order. See our Sales page for more information.

How long does it take to install a structure?

There are many factors that go into this but Allsite can design an installation plan to meet your timeline. We are typically 3x faster than a Sprung Instant Structure and have installed up to 250,000 square feet of fully air-conditioned space in just one week.

If I rent the structure, will I need to insure it?

All rented equipment and accessories need to be insured by the renter for the full replacement cost of the rented equipment.

Will I need to supply power to the structure?

Generators are available to rent if power is not available, however all supplied electrical equipment will require connection to a local power source by others.