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Tension Fabric Structures Let Imagination Soar with Indoor Filmmaking

movie set being built inside a large tension fabric building

Filmmakers, broadcasters, musicians and entertainers know that atmosphere is everything. When staging a creative production, the ability to create a unique and immersive world for the audience is key. Whether the issue is weather, special effects, or the filmmaker is seeking to create a completely different environment than the available filming location, having a fast, versatile indoor option is a way to enhance creativity and save time and money on locations in the process. Large, spacious and usable anywhere, clear span fabric buildings provide a perfect environment to stage the scene for filming a movie or TV show, or for a live event.

Tension Fabric Structures for Versatile Indoor Production Possibilities

fabric building with HVAC systems for public events

Allsite’s tension fabric structure (TFS) provides a quick, spacious, blank slate indoor environment that production crews can use to build perfect film sets from the ground up. Weather-proof and airy, the sturdy fabric structure allows staging, filming or events to go on at any time, rain or shine. Its high-strength aluminum alloy frame, covered in heavy-duty, cross-tensioned PVC fabric, supports lighting and other systems. It can be outfitted with a truss system as needed for overhead equipment.

In this spacious, open span structure there are no impediments to stage building, or for moving people or equipment. The high ceilings accommodate overhead systems, with ample room for lighting gear, scaffolding, camera cranes and jibs. There is even room for lift equipment for overhead shots. The white PVC fabric cover provides natural lighting for daytime shoots, but can be blacked out if needed for darker sets.

The clear span fabric structure is available in a range of sizes and can be custom configured for use with a number of accessories and choice of length. The versatile TFS can accommodate a staging area for supplies, staff, food service, and break and meeting areas. The space can be partitioned to create makeup and dressing areas for talent, a place for writers and creatives to work on scripts, and virtually any other space needed to help make the process more efficient. The structure can be located on the studio lot, or in any remote location.

With this modular, customizable structure, clients are able to select how open the structure will be, ranging from a fully enclosed structure to open gable on sides and ends to provide an outdoor feel. There is a choice of doorways, including fabric freight door, roll up cargo, clamshell and single or double personnel doors. All structures can be fully outfitted with power, HVAC and ventilation systems.

Film and TV Buildings

temporary enclosure movie set interior fabric building with move set and crane indoors

Filmmakers appreciate having the spacious open span, protected, indoor space that comfortably accommodates activities like installing and adjusting lighting, and building and maintaining film sets. With a controlled indoor environment, there is no restriction on the type of atmosphere to be created. The TFS can be used to produce unique worlds, and is often used in genres such as fantasy, science fiction and historical films, or just about any situation where the scenery is specially created and not easily found in the outside world.

Beyond staging the creative scene, the TFS can be used to keep production moving forward day or night, store props and scenery and build sets or  carry out filming, regardless of weather. The comfortable interior setting makes the job easier for camera, sound and lighting crews, set builders and other production crews and reduces costs of downtime due to weather delays.

For temporary or permanent use, the TFS is available with attractive leasing packages. Structures are modular and lightweight for easy disassembly and transport. They can be relocated on the lot or to any other location, worldwide and can be set up on any type of ground, making it easy if needed in remote, unpaved locations.

Music and Live Entertainment Event Venues

large crowd enjoying a concert inside a high ceiling tension fabric temporary event structure

The TFS is also a perfect temporary location for use for festivals, concerts, theater, sports events and other temporary events. Structures can be leased short term or long term and are easily transported for use at one or multiple locations, any season or time of year, day or night. The large, open span indoor space has no columns to obstruct audience views of the stage. The high ceiling allows seating to be elevated for better viewing, with plenty of room for front and back stage areas, as well as accommodating lighting, sound, signage and other equipment. A black liner can be used to darken the interior for musical or theatrical performances.

a live wrestling event being held in a large capacity sporting events tension fabric building

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures For On Location Indoor Film Production and Events

Allsite provides clear span fabric buildings for use in film and entertainment, including movies, TV, musical and live sports events to entertainment professionals throughout North America. Our experienced engineers will help design the right TFS solution for your needs, and get your clear span fabric media building up and running fast. You and your crew can take it from there, with your Allsite team available to support any additions, changes or moves that you require.

For more information on our filmmaking and entertainment fabric buildings, give Allsite a call today at 800-599-5112.

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