Fabric Covered Structures for General Applications

general application temporary structures

TFS fabric covered structures are an ideal fit for any application.

Allsite’s TFS fabric structures are alloy framed and pre-engineered to the highest quality standards. Corrosion resistant and 100 percent recyclable, our aluminum components have a higher strength to weight ration than steel.  These all-weather fabric structures can be delivered to virtually any location, in any climate. No foundation required, they easily handle heat, snow, ice and windy conditions.

Allsite offers a range of sizes and superior peak height to most other aluminum frame fabric structures.

oil and gas temporary structure


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Solve your Workspace Need with a Fabric Membrane Structure

Whether you have a temporary need or are looking for a long-term solution, Allsite Structure Rentals can solve your immediate need with a fabric membrane structure ready for use within weeks of your order.

Multi-Application Fabric Covered Structures Configured to your Needs

Its rugged frame not only make the Allsite tension fabric structure (TFS) ideal for harsh climates where wind and snow are factors, but also allows customization for applications such as:

  • crane package so the structure can be relocated to multiple positions on a site quickly and cost effectively
  • a wheel system so that the TFS can be erected and dismantled over the top of existing structures or where there is limited access for equipment
  • truss systems for supporting the weight of items hanging from the rafters, fall arrest systems, video and audio components, scoreboards, etc.

Fabric Membrane Structures Convenient and Affordable Choice

These characteristics make the TFS idea for almost any indoor application need, from industrial to retail:

  • Large aluminum beam makes the TFS one of the strongest aluminum structures available.
  • Wide variety of sizes to fit any application.
  • Interior height that is superior to other structures.
  • Unique design and strong frame perfect for areas with snow and high wind requirements.
  • Allsite has largest rental inventory of TFS structures providing immediate availability of inventory and cost effective long term rental options.
  • Aluminum frame allows up to 10,000 sw. ft. per truck
  • Accessories and packages designed specific to the needs of a large variety of applications.
  • Experienced sales and project managers that will provide cost effective solutions.
  • Our lead techs average over 15 years of experience installing TFS structures. Their knowledge of the TFS means practical solutions can be found to any problem.

Accessories and Options







Freight doors | Personnel doors


Crane Lift | Wheel System

Concrete Anchor | Stake | Concrete Ballast

Metal Halide Lights | Translucent Fabric | Sky Light Fabric

Concrete Berm | Beam Flap | Insulation and/or Liner

Allsite TFS Install
180,000 sq. ft. in 9 days