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First, what is a “clear span warehouse tent” and how does it optimize temporary storage?

We call warehouses built from tensioned fabric and aluminum alloy beams “Tensioned Fabric Structures” or TFS for short.  They are engineered so that there is no need for any interior columns, hence the “clear span”. This makes this type of structure an ideal warehouse, since there are no obstructions to the placement of machinery or storage units.

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We can even custom design a structure with motorized doors that allows vehicles to be driven right into your warehouse for easy, all-weather transfer of goods into and out of your inventory.  Freight doors can be placed almost any way you like, as can other customizations like ventilation systems.

Allsite’s structures range from 50′ to 156′ in width, and up to 54′ peak height.  Our engineers worked hard to create a warehouse design that minimizes sloping in the corners, making for increased storage capacity within any given square footage.

Not only that, but the height of the eaves in an Allsite warehouse are superior to many fabric structure designs offered by other companies.

You know what that means: no wasted space and less waste.

What makes these industrial storage structures green?

There are more than just a few ways that a clear span warehouse can help your company reach its environmental goals, whether they are to reduce your carbon footprint or simply to save money by using fewer resources.

Here are some ways Allsite’s TFS warehouses help you reach those “green goals”.

Superior storage capacity.

You have just learned that Allsite design allows for superior storage space.  That means hyper-efficient storage capacity for your goods. Pack more in, use less HVAC resources to maintain an ideal facility temperature, save money, and of course: reduce your carbon footprint.

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 More Natural Light

By allowing light to enter through the walls and ceiling of your TFS, you may be able to cut down considerably on your utility bills.  Since warehouses often need a lot of light, the savings could be significant.  In addition, you will be minimizing your carbon footprint significantly.

Options for clear span warehouse design include translucent fabric or skylight fabric, both of which allow for tons of natural light to enter your interior space.  Once the sun goes down, switch on your energy efficient metal halide lights, another accessory option from Allsite, and keep right on working.

Insulation Options

An additional option that promotes sustainability and green initiatives is insulation.  During the cold months of the year, if you have stored goods that must be kept a certain minimum temperatures, heating will become necessary.  Unfortunately, it also becomes a major budgetary concern.

With a heated facility, insulation dramatically increases your energy efficiency, thereby decreasing your costs.  The same goes for a clear span warehouse that will be located in extremely hot conditions.  Cooling costs can be kept to a minimum as well.

Allsite offers insulation/liner options so you can maintain cost-efficiency with your utility bills, no matter what your local climate might be, and that translates into a greener warehouse operation.

Allsite can even take it a step further with a host of ventilation options including HVAC, louvers, and strategically placed vents. If there is a specific indoor environment you need to create, Allsite can design a custom solution that can help you meet your needs.

No Need for a Foundation

Allsite tensioned fabric structures can be assembled on-site almost anywhere you need them to be.  Usually no foundation is needed, these structures are extremely sturdy without them, and indeed are often purchased to be used as semi-permanent structures.

Warehouse foundations are typically made of concrete and bar, both of which suffer a pretty large carbon footprint.  For concrete, much of that carbon footprint comes from production.  Heating limestone, an ingredient in concrete, takes incredible amounts of energy.

Also, the levels of carbon dioxide released during  production makes concrete a decidedly “un-green” building material, from this perspective.

In fact, scientists calculate that at least 5% of the world’s carbon footprint comes from the concrete industry alone!  Despite that grim fact, the use of concrete is still very prevalent in the construction industry.

Your TFS from Allsite helps alleviate this environmental harm because without a foundation there is much less concrete used in your warehouse construction project.

Ready to go green with Allsite?  Give us a call today and we can discuss how a clear span warehouse can fulfill your warehouse needs and help make the world a cleaner, greener place to live.

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Jason Cromwell is the General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals. He has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jason is a 12 year veteran in all matters related to Tension Fabric Structures with Allsite Structure Rentals and has over 20 years of sales, operations, and management experience. Read more about Jason and the rest of our team at

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