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Owning a helicopter is a substantial investment. To protect that investment, you need a storage facility for when the helicopter is not in use.  However, the cost of renting or buying a traditional helicopter hangar can be pricey.  That is assuming there is available space to rent or buy .

helicopter hangar

A fabric helicopter hangar provides a solution to storing helicopters more affordably. If you are an airport owner, you know that hangars at your facility are at a premium.  If airport expansion is in the plan for the future, a fabric helicopter hangar is an economical way to gain more aircraft storage space.

Helicopter Hangar Protection is a First Priority

Helicopters can be damaged as much on the ground as when in the air.  High winds have been known to topple helicopters when parked on the ground, even when tied down.

No matter what climate you live in, a helicopter hangar can keep your aircraft in the best condition possible.  If you live in a colder climate, there is no snow removal needed in the winter.  During summer months, the hot sun will not be beating down on the helicopter, causing exposure to the paint and exterior.

With a fabric helicopter hangar, the fabric is tensioned both vertically and horizontally for a tight seal, keeping the shelter well insulated and protected from high winds.  Available insulation options for a Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS) include concrete berm, beam flap, and insulation and liner.

The ventilation and temperature control choices of exhaust fans, louvers, framed openings, and HVAC units can help ensure that the helicopter hangar will remain at a comfortable temperature year round.

Airport Additions

In airports across the Unites States, hangar space is at a premium.  If you are an airport owner and want to increase the aircraft hangar space available, a fabric helicopter hangar is an economical solution to your expansion.  A TFS can be built stand-alone or can expand on a traditional building.

The cost of constructing a fabric helicopter hanger is significantly lower than a traditional steel hangar, and it can be constructed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to regular airport operations.  There is generally no need for any ground preparation or foundation. A TFS can be built in a short amount of time, usually within a few of days.


Purchasing a helicopter is a costly investment, so you want to make sure it is secured in a safe location.  Many aircraft that are subject to theft are stripped of parts for the resale value.  Having the helicopter in an enclosed shelter halts inquisitive eyes from knowing what is inside and acts as a barrier for thieves.

A helicopter hanger will help keep your aircraft safe from vandalism and theft.  Allsite offers the options of a clamshell aviation door or a bi-fold aviation door, depending on your preference.


Fabric helicopter hangars are easy to build and relocate. This makes them the perfect solution for remote aviation storage and maintenance.  If your airport or aircraft maintenance company needs extra warehouse space for equipment and parts storage, this is an ideal option.  Keep all supplies and equipment protected from harsh weather with a TFS.

Income Generating

Since a TFS helicopter hangar length is only limited by the amount of ground space available, you can build one to house multiple helicopters.  You can rent out the space to other helicopter owners.  The daily rental of a hangar can run anywhere from $75-$200 per day. If you are in a prime location, this can be a lucrative ancillary business that can offset the cost of the hangar.

With practically unlimited length and a peak height of up to 54’, a helicopter hanger can provide ample room for several aircraft with wing and tail clearance.  They also provide space for any maintenance so the helicopters can be serviced in the hangar without the need to transport and take the chance of further damage.

Many have opted to use a temporary hangar as a simple way to properly care for, store, and maintain aircrafts, helicopters, and related equipment.

From our article, The Military’s Surprising New Use for a Temporary Hangar. Click here to read the complete article.

To learn more about the aviation options that Allsite Structure Rentals offers, please visit our website here.  We can help you have a helicopter hangar to meet all of your current and future needs.

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