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Weather can be very harsh. It can be the most harsh when you the weather conditions become so out of control that you are unable to work. For construction, the weather plays a large part in the business. If it is raining outside, or snowing, then the construction cannot go forward. Depending on how much rain there is construction workers may not be able to work for days until the weather clears up. It is not safe for construction workers to work out in the rain, while working with electric machinery. Bad weather can also damage the equipment that they work with.


If you are paying for a construction project, then the last thing that you want is for your workers to be injured while on the job, or to lose your equipment because of water damage. You also do not want to be put behind schedule because of unpredictable weather.

Las Vegas climate data

As you can see in the above table from U.S. Climate Data,, you can see that on average Las Vegas gets about 21 days of rain. While this may not seem like a lot, depending on how wet the ground that they are working on stays can cause even more delay in the work.


While Las Vegas may not get a lot of rain, we definitely do get a lot heat. The heat can be just as bad as or worse than the water. When the temperature becomes really hot, then something that you need to worry about is heatstroke. The heat can also have an effect on the machinery that you are using. Las Vegas gets almost 4,000 hours of sunshine a year, and this can cause serious damage when temperatures spike over 100 degrees.


Allsite Structure Rentals understands that construction is a big part of our growing city. Having a temporary structure over your construction site can help keep your project from delays, meaning the project is more likely to be finished on time, as well as help maintain the health of your employees and equipment. Our shelters are particularly useful for lean construction projects.


If you are a construction worker then you would feel grateful to have a covering over you while you work. If you are working on a construction site, contact Allsite Structure Rentals—your Las Vegas construction tent company—today.

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