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US Soldiers Enjoy Football and Family in this TV Ad by Hyundai USA

Like most of you, we watched the big game last Sunday and enjoyed viewing the ads almost as much as the

game itself. One ad especially caught our eye. Produced by Hyundai USA, it depicted US Military personnel, far from home, gathering together to celebrate the game and enjoy a bit of warmth and comfort inside a spacious tension fabric building, a type of structure that we recognized well:

It was a heartwarming tribute to our troops overseas. Hyundai actually filmed the ad live, during the game itself, so they could capture the real-time reactions and sentiments of the soldiers and their families back home. It was a touching scene and one of the ads that will be well-remembered, not least by the soldiers and their families who participated.

Viewers may have noticed from the aerial shot at the beginning and from the interior views, that the event was hosted inside a tension fabric structure, similar to those supplied by Allsite Structures (this one was not ours, but was the same design) which make a perfect venue for a large, celebratory gathering like this one.

Clear Span Structures Used by Military and Others Worldwide

The venue for the sports event and celebration that brought together the US Army troops at their base in Zagan, Poland was a clear span tension fabric structure, large and spacious enough to provide for the huge screen that displayed the game action along with plenty of space for everyone to gather, enjoy and celebrate. The structure even included internal rooms, like the enclosed screening room where soldiers and families were reunited via large projection screens. The size and versatility of a tension fabric structure in actual use was clearly on display. Add in the TFS’s portability, fast installation and usability on just about any terrain without need for a foundation, and it’s easy to see why the U.S. Military makes use of tension fabric structures for a variety of needs. They make use of tension fabric buildings as storage for jets, helicopters and other equipment, or as warehouses, and temporary camp housing and training space for personnel, among other uses.

Allsite clear span tension fabric aviation hangar

As an integral piece of operational equipment, TFS buildings plays a role in making the job easier for our troops overseas. As a leading provider of tension fabric structures, we’re proud to have a product whose purpose is to provide a multi-purpose, quality solution for so many needs, including a warm, comfortable place to come together for those who must make a home wherever they work, even in remote or difficult conditions.

TFS: the Shelter Solution of Choice for Many Applications

As you can see in the Hyundai ad, tension fabric structures make excellent entertainment or convention venues. They are large and airy, with no internal structures to get in the way of seating or equipment. They can be climatized for comfort no matter the weather, and the extra-strong aluminum frame can support trusses and equipment like signage, video screens, speakers and lighting.

But far beyond its use as an entertainment or meeting venue, TFS are rugged and durable buildings that can be deployed anywhere they are needed. Like its use in the military, TFS is favored in applications like mining, aviation, transportation, warehousing and construction. Easily installed, versatile and cost effective, tension fabric structures are built for service in just about any conditions. A number of features make TFS a good choice for difficult jobs:

Extruded Aluminum Frame

Allsite TFS uses an extruded aluminum frame that is much larger and stronger than many other frame types, while being very lightweight and easily transportable. Our high grade aluminum alloy boxed-beam frame does not degrade or rust like steel, and has exceptional strength and durability.

Heavyweight PVC Fabric

Our proprietary PVC-coated polyester fabric is tensioned securely both horizontally and vertically over the TFS’s aluminum frame, creating an extremely rigid tension structure that withstands strong winds and dust storms and can handle significant ice and snow loads. The fabric is highly UV, fire and moisture resistant. During manufacture it is combined with antifungal and other treatments that render it resistant to natural contaminants as well as to damage from chemical and other spills.

Allsite TFS fabric building installed in remote mountainous and snowy location

Customizable and Quick to Install

Lightweight and easy to assemble, TFS can be quickly installed. Installation method is determined according to the type of terrain, allowing the fabric structure to be used on bare ground without need for a building foundation. Installation can be achieved on uneven, rocky, sloped and even wet areas. Depending on you project needs the TFS can be customized to include cargo, steel, glass, clamshell or fabric doors, as well as a choice of lighting and ventilation/climate control options.

With such versatility, TFS are used in both urban as well as remote and extreme locations, such as air strips or airports, at mining sites as “man camps”, as well as to provide storage and shelter for environmental remediation and construction projects.

Temporary, Long-Term and Portable

Military, mining, construction and other users appreciate the lightweight portability of the TFS, as well as the highly damage-resistant, durable nature of the materials. TFS can be used again and again at different sites over time, providing long and reliable service for personnel use, warehousing or workspaces.

Like Hyundai and everyone who has viewed their touching ad, we salute our troops serving at home and overseas. We’re proud of them and appreciate their service on our behalf. And, as providers of high quality, dependable tension fabric structures, we’re proud to provide strong, safe and dependable products to all our customers worldwide working and living in sometimes tough conditions, where they deserve every bit of extra support and comfort we can provide.

Author Beth Karikari

Beth holds an MBA, Master of Marketing and Bachelor of Business from Griffith University, Australia. Read more about Beth and the rest of our team at

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