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This year has been the worst year for US wildfires in recent history. As of November 2020 more than 52,000 wildfires have been recorded, affecting nearly nine million acres. Many of these fires are in areas where they haven’t previously been fires. The reasons for this alarming change are many. As the US population increases, housing continues to encroach on areas that have traditionally been prone to forest fires. And, the more people, the more fires. According to CalFire, approximately 95 percent of wildfires are started by people.

Climate change is also contributing to the increase in wildfires. Higher temperatures, lower relative humidity, high wind speeds and low precipitation all contribute to making the landscape drier and easier to burn, according to NASA research. And, unfortunately, that trend is likely only to worsen.

Need for Increased Fire Station Building Space

Whatever the cause, the increasing incidence in fires accentuates the need for more firefighters, both permanent hires and relocations, as well as space to accommodate them and their equipment. Firefighting demands can happen anywhere, in cities, towns and suburbs, or in remote forests or grasslands. When the need arises, firefighting teams must be quickly positioned at the scene and have equipment and supplies in place to be most effective on the ground. Personnel, equipment and supplies need space. Expanding local fire-fighting units where wildfires most frequently recur means permanent capacity expansion.

The ability to quickly provide indoor space to expand existing fire stations or build temporary camps is critical and the need is growing. One solution is a tension fabric building, quickly installed and built to last, that provides unique, fast and effective additional firehouse space when and where needed.

Tension Fabric Fire Station Structures for Temporary or Long Term Use

Car and Truck storage tension fabric building exterior for fire engine and other vehicle storage


Allsite tension fabric structures are all-weather fabric structures built with engineered, custom-extruded aluminum alloy frames and high-grade architectural fabric. They are designed to go up quickly and securely, and can be deployed almost anywhere. These aren’t tents, but rather high quality engineered tension fabric structure buildings with a large clear span space that can weather most any climate and can be installed on almost any terrain.

These structures can provide temporary or permanent fire station expansion space for housing personnel, supplies and even large fire fighting vehicles or equipment. The structures can be put up on location wherever needed, such as for use as temporary buildings to accommodate fire-fighting teams in the field, or be installed at the fire station to provide extra permanent storage or personnel space on a long term basis. Just a few of the many benefits associated with tension fabric structures include:

  • Versatility — Tension fabric structures work equally well for temporary or permanent uses. They can be used to house extra personnel and for extra administrative space or equipment/vehicle storage.
  • Quick delivery and installation — Our modular and highly engineered extruded aluminum frame structures can be customized to your needs, delivered and quickly installed on site, wherever that may be.
  • Sturdy and wind resistant — Tension fabric structures will stay up in harsh weather conditions as they are resistant to high winds.
  • Fire safety features — Allsite structures have multiple exits and good ventilation. They are made from flame retardant material and the design adheres to local fire codes.
  • UV resistant — The heavy duty PVC fabric cover is treated for UV resistance and will stand up to hot summer sun year after year.
  • Interior of tension fabric building used for extra fire station building spaceHigh clearance — The structure’s high clearance with no internal posts makes it useful for storing large fire-fighting trucks and other equipment.
  • Easy delivery to even the most remote location — Our tension fabric structures can be delivered and installed almost anywhere, on asphalt, turf, rocky or uneven surfaces.
  • Affordability — Our structures can be leased for short or long term use.  Easy assembly, no foundation requirements, no need to purchase land, and lease terms that fit your needs make Allsite tension fabric structures an affordable building option.
  • Additional options — Our tension fabric structures can be equipped with a range of doors, ventilation and lights. Other options are also available.

Learn More about Tension Fabric Fire Station Structures

To learn more about how we can help you increase fire station capacity with a tension fabric structure, contact Allsite Structure Rentals today. Allsite has been providing cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, temporary structure solutions for challenging job sites since 2012.

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