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Several major tennis events were delayed or cancelled in the last few months due to rain. Rain forced U.S. Open organizers to postpone the women’s singles semifinals in September, a decision that might have been avoided if the matches had taken place in an indoor sports structure.

Less than a month later, LTP Charleston U.S. Pro Circuit women’s tournament was ended entirely due to rain. While the U.S. Open was pushed back, the LTP Charleston decided to forgo finals entirely, depraving fans of the most anticipated match of the event.

Indoor Sports Structures Protect from the Weather

Tennis events are often forced to postpone or cancel matches due to rain because the courts lack any type of cover. Indoor sports structures offer a spacious environment for sporting events to take place while protecting against the elements.

Indoor Sports Structures

Tensioned fabric structures (TFS) are an ideal form of indoor sports structure, offering a clear span width of up to 156 feet and a peak height of up to 54 feet, providing ample space for many sporting events, including tennis.

indoor sports structures

Tensioned Fabric Structures offer a Multipurpose Space

While TFS indoor sports structures would have been an excellent solution for the U.S. Open and LTP Charleston, these versatile structures offer the ideal space for other sporting events as well. The space offered by a TFS makes it possible to play basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, hockey, and even indoor cycling.

In 2013, the number of participants (aged six years and older) in indoor soccer amounted to approximately 4.8 million.


The tensioned fabric structures are erected using an aluminum frame, allowing for quick installation that can stand up to the demands of an indoor sports structure. The frame of the TFS can support the weight of scoreboards, a PA system, speaker systems, and integrated systems like rock climbing walls or zip lines.

The fabric used on the structures is PVC coated polyester scrim that protects from harsh weather, making it possible to hold sporting events comfortably, regardless of the weather where the indoor sports structure is installed. The fabric can handle temperatures from -22 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and is UV resistant.

Long-term or Temporary, a TFS has you Covered

A TFS can be used as an indoor sports structure, regardless of whether you need the space for temporary use, or if you need a long-term solution for your indoor sporting needs. The structures are moved in by truck, and can be relocated by crane after installation.

The strong PVC coated material used to form the membrane of the TFS is built to withstand any type of weather, and comes with a seven-year warranty. A TFS can be rented for a temporary indoor sports structure, or purchased and used as a permanent solution for long-term needs.

indoor sports

TFS structures can be installed quickly, at rates of up to 10,000 square feet per day. As a point of comparison, the average size of a tennis court is about 2,800 square feet, meaning that a wide range of different sporting needs can be met quickly by a TFS indoor sports structure.

An indoor sports structure constructed from tensioned fabric can also be installed with a range of accessories, helping to meet any requirement needed for the project.

Freight doors can be installed to make it easier to move equipment in and out of the TFS, along with personnel doors. Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are also available, keeping the indoor sports structures comfortable for fans and players alike regardless of the outside temperature.

A Versatile Solution for any Indoor Sporting Need

Nature does not always allow us to make the most of sporting events. Just this year alone, a number of major sporting events were forced to end or push back their schedules due to bad weather. An indoor sports structure offers a simple solution for ensuring that the show goes on, regardless of inclement weather or temperature.

Indoor sports structures offer ample space for a variety of different sports, and can be used as either a temporary or a permanent building. To learn more about installing a TFS that will meet the needs of your indoor sports structure, contact Allsite Structure Rental.


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